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16 years ago @ Feld Thoughts - A Rant on VCs, Financi... · 0 replies · +1 points

Thank you Janet for properly representing and ranting for all the entrepreneurs out there!! Kudos to you.

There's only one thing fund raising has made me...more and more determined to work every angle to make it work without having to be a beggar for money. There's so much about those projections that don't tell you anything about the type of entrepreneur you're dealing with. It's been extremely frustrating to hear that it's the idea and the management team they care about when all they look at is the bottom line. What are great projections with a team that doesn't know how to adapt, be creative, stay innovative handle real competition, take their product to market, and work under extreme conditions?

The way I see it entrepreneurs are sitting on the good side of the table. VCs need us (entrepreneurs) they will always need us...but the day will come I will no longer need VCs. Then someday, the day will come when they will need me to help fund their funds. Or even better...they'll want to throw money at my next idea. I much rather be in my shoes...however delirious they might make me.