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Running way behind on reading here. This is my first read through so I did not see the reveal coming at all. Mark's reaction reminded me of something. My cousins and I had written a murder mystery dinner that I put on for a group of friends in my neighborhood. I had 14 friends, we wrote characters for each, 3 different plot lines, every person had a motive and opportunity for the murder. We created letters and passports and miscellaneous items for everyone. Each person had a briefing explaining all of their backgrounds, relationships, and what they wanted to accomplish at the party; it was set up as an embassy party, the murder took place between the soup and salad courses. We spent hours and hours plotting it all out and then creating everything. The murder is committed, and the entire group immediately decided on the correct murderer and solution. I was so upset at the mystery being solved so fast after all that work...... and then the whole group discarded that solution and went haring off after all the other clues and red herrings we had set up. We spent hours in the mystery and at the end almost no one had correctly solved it.

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"Oh man, now I want a boiled egg. I mean, truth and justice would be nice, too, but I know where to get eggs."

I want to save this quote!

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Oh so late to the comment stream, but one of my friends was just trying to recruit me for a local underwater hockey team!

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All I can think about now is frozen custard. I live in Milwaukee where frozen custard is huge; there are many arguments of Kopps vs Leons vs Gillies. I have to try to only stop for custard when it is a great flavor. And just to give you an idea, the flavor forecast for Easter Sunday the two flavors are Bunny Hop and Pralines 'N Caramel 'N Cream.
"Bunny Hop - Imagine your marshmallow cream Easter eggs as a custard! Ours is flavored with a light raspberry and marshmallow center, laced with Chambord, flakes of chocolate and ribbons of marshmallow. Everybunny will love it! or Pralines 'N Caramel 'N Cream - A pure creamy custard with pralines and swirls of caramel"

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This is my first read through and I'm with you! I've got nothing on Bent right now. Nada. I don't even have a theory. The only good thing about being a little behind is I'm going right on after reading through the comments for this section. :)

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I worked at a school where the principal would watch the security cameras to see where the teachers were going during their prep time, monitoring where they spent every minute!

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All I could think of with Bent's desk was one of my principals from a previous school. She would actually pull up security video to see where teachers were going on their prep time when they didn't have students. She would time how long people were in the teacher's lounge during their lunch break. Woe be to any teacher who went over the 30 break!

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I have a canvas shopping bag I picked up at a con with Sieglings Vorbar Soltana on it!

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My first commission! I came to the party late, and have been way behind almost everything in the Reads and Watches. I'm reading along with Discworld, this is my first time ever reading all of those books, so I'm current there. I watched B5 way back in the day and don't remember most of it. Somethings stuck all these years, the entire end of the episode Zha'ha'dum most notably. So I randomly picked from the available episodes for a commission and this was it. And unfortunately, I'm behind on the re-watch by several episodes, curse the midwest weather and the snow! I feel like I've spent more time clearing snow than anything else the last month! I'll catch up this weekend. So I haven't watched or read this, but had to throw out a woohoo!

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There was one big difference I noticed in this as opposed to most children's books or YA books. Most other books will have adults absent for almost the entire book. Or the adult seems to dump way more on a kids shoulders than seems wise. I love the Harry Potter books, but Dumbledore seems to make a couple cryptic comments and then leaves Harry on his own to face Voldemort. This book the adult witches are involved all the way through. They don't make decisions for the younger ones or force them down a certain path, but they do support them and help them grow as witches.