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Spoilers for the end of the Discworld series: Zl svefg ernq bs gur Qvfpjbeyq jnf jvgu Znex, 6 lrnef yngre, V vzzrqvngryl fgnegrq gb er-ernq vg. Fb V nz serfu sebz jngpuvat Znex ernq Furcureq'f Pebja. Urer V whfg jngpurq Znex ernq gur fprar va Tenaal'f ubhfr naq or nyy bu ab, vf fur qrnq? Vf gurer n punenpgre qrngu nyernql? Naq va 6 lrnef ur vf tbvat gb ernq Furcureq'f Pebja naq or nofbyhgryl qrfgeblrq ol ernqvat Tenaal'f qrngu fprar. Gb gur cbvag urer zhygvcyr crbcyr ner tbvat gb jnea uvz tbvat va gb gung fcyvg gung vg vf tbvat gb or onq, gb gel gb cercner uvz. Bs pbhefr V jnf whfg nf qrfgeblrq ernqvat vg zlfrys. Vg vf pbzsbegvat gubhtu gb pbzr onpx naq zrrg ure ntnva. Jura V ernq guvf jvgu Znex, arvgure bs hf xarj jung n sbepr fur jbhyq or, gb gur cbvag jurer n jbeyq jvgubhg ure frrzf yrff fbzrubj.

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My first read through of Discworld was with Mark, going back and rereading now. I enjoyed this so much more this time through. I'm interested to see if that continues for the rest of the books! And Baby Space Turtles!

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Finished my very first read through of Discworld with Mark and immediately started a second read through. The reactions to the puns in this split are still being brought up in discussions!

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I did my first read of the Discworld with Mark. He finished and I immediately went back to reread the whole thing, watching videos and going through and reading all the rot13 comments, so you all have entertained me at least!

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Not still reading, but going back and re-reading now that Mark has finished Discworld :} I read along with Mark for my first introduction to the Discworld, finished and needed to immediately restart.

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Finished up Discworld with Mark and doing the reread. The fact that the Krull's recognize all the occasions where Rincewind and TwoFlower avoid certain doom should lead them to avoid using the two as a sacrifice. It reminds me of Supernatural. Vs nyy gur fhcreangheny ovt onqf xabj Fnz naq Qrna jva bhg rirelgvzr, nibvq gurz! Nf Pebjyrl fnlf, "Nz V gur bayl tnzr cvrpr ba gur obneq jub qbrfa'g haqrerfgvzngr gubfr qravz pynq avtugznerf?"

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The reason the post is so late is that 6 years ago I started reading Discworld for the first time with Mark. And every time I got to the site after work, there were hundreds of posts that said things I was thinking already, and I just read on. Now Mark just finished the series, and I decided to go back to the beginning and reread the series, though I can read ROT13 comments now. So one side story to go with this split. Reading the description of Hrun here about being able to use words of more than two syllables,given time and maybe a hint brought this back to me. Long ago in a theater far away, friends and I want to see the first Conan movie with Schwarzenegger. We are part way through the movie when one friend pointed out that Conan's dialog consisted of one and two syllable words. We ended up watching the movie the whole way through just waiting. Towards the end the word sacrifice showed up and made the movie for us.

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Going back and re-reading the Discworld again with the Marks reads comments, and that SPN spoiler seems different now :)

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Just finished the prologue, I tried reading this a couple of years ago, and this is as far as I got. It felt very depressing to me then and now. But I really feel like I should be reading Jemisin and I should be giving her more of a chance, and I have Mark to follow along with. I had tried Color of Magic about 8 years ago, didn't get into it and put it down until Mark read it. Now I can't image not knowing the Discworld, so hopefully that bodes well.