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Feeling like I need a mental vacation to Maine... and this isn't a bad link: http://www.damariscottaregion.com/welcome/
If you want to learn more about Lincoln County and see some pix, this has a lot of info. Check out also the online brochure.
Where I am is just gray, overcast and blah right now... definitely would rather be eating seafood and sitting by a fire at night on the Maine coast!

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Ha! Yes, the tenants not only decimated the worms... they yanked out hedges, trimmed shrubs to the ground, and made the yard a graveyard for broken toys and trash. It was a happy day when they moved out.

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With all those wonderful views available, I agree that I'd prefer the main sink at a window while any island remains more of a staging area for making and serving food. I also like islands with raised counters or facades facing the living area, that way one's cooking clutter is hidden. We had 2 sinks in our last house and it was wonderful! The primary sink was a double with disposal, at a window, and the other was a large sink that worked well for post-meal clean-up of oversize pans or barbecue grill racks. That same second sink was heavily used for 2-cook food prep; for mid-party sink access; for hand washing antique dishes; even for soaking orchids! So although our second sink wasn't in an island, it was a great feature.

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Oh, I hate losing well-loved plants... they are "my babies"! For me, the saddest and deadliest garden-eliminator has been Bad Tenants. Anyone else experienced that? You lavish attention on a property to where you're practically on a first-name basis with the earthworms, and then somebody else comes in and just rips out, neglects, poisons, or otherwise decimates your darlings. Very, very sad... :(

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Stella, although I didn't join early enough to become attached to BC 2011, I do understand the loss of a dream. I know I've taken a few houseplans over the years - properties that I thought were going to be mine, but then that failed to materialize for various reasons - and I've fully imagined living in them, right down to what it's like to wake up in bed there, which window does the morning sun come through, what's it like to go get my morning coffee... everything! And although it hurts to lose the dream, for what it's worth my philosophy on the subject is: I may never have a future in my 'dream home,' but at least I had a 'past' (albeit all in my imagination!), and every enjoyable hour that I spent dreaming is something pleasant that no one can take away from me. - Hope you feel better soon :)

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I'm really happy that you liked the Russian fireplace idea :) I've been so impressed with the one that I saw in Maine - beautiful, functional, and efficient - that I can't help but think that a lot of people would enjoy this kind of feature.

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I was picturing a small safe for key valuables, but your question raises the point that there should be some pretty hefty storage capability for food and household items because folks there like to stock up in bulk, it's just the sensible thing to do [distant stores, winter driving]. But then, if there's a freezer for extra food - and there probably should be - then it's even more important to have a generator for those frequent and sometimes prolonged power outages.

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Loving the outdoors as I do, it was fun to read your ideas! In general, the more that the team can integrate indoors and outdoors, the more I'll like it. Some ideas I've read include a greenhouse, an outdoor fireplace [and grill/kitchen/entertainment area]; fruit trees, and more. I know I've had success at one house with a "sunbrella" sort of retractable awning: sun coverage of a deck for summer, then allow the light in during winter. I also personally really love "winter gardening," which is not just when you sit by a fire and daydream next summer's gardens (!) but also when you choose plants that provide off-summer visual interest. (Examples are "Harry Lauder's Walking Stick" , Euonymus, and of course evergreens) - I love your idea of cross-country skiing. I'd even consider a whimsical treehouse/playhouse for the children, large and small!. - But while we're dreaming, I personally would dream not of a pontoon boat but a rehabbed/converted lobster boat, full of traditional charm and modern amenities :)