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Love this post...there was a woman who called a radio show this morning pretty much saying the same thing, but not as well as you did....her last comment was just even once, wouldn't it be nice to hear a Thanks? Then with this sense of entitlement, where exactly does the line end for "more"? When is enough, enough?

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Seems we have to go outside of the country to get the true report. LOL I saw the pics and some videos and it was simply awsome. Then add all the smaller parties across the country.....unreal!

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I was at a rally today, where that is what exactly they did....a parade of the signs. Unfortunatly, I can't figure out how to post actual picturesI took or I would,

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When I was a kid...I was Republican....I loved Lincoln. I was one of the dreaded "hippies".....not that I hated the servicemen and women, but I wasn't SURE about the government. My parents didn't like Kennedys, yet they made me do a scrap book of it. I did vote for Carter. I wanted World Peace.. Now that I am older, I can say I didn't have a CLUE of the real issues. I truely didn't know. Then was Regan....NEVER bought the trickle down theory at all. Clinton....never bought that either. I honestly thought by now, we'd be close to the beginning Star Trek Generation., So what am I? Independant. I question everything, believe nothing. I have been staunch on both sides when the story just didn't ring true. What am I? They don't have a catagory for me. I voted Perot...absolutly LOVE PALIN.. what am I? Seems it's not so much what I think .....more like what others think of me.

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Last I heard, 10's of thousands. But with them, numbers never count, unless it's on their side. LOL I went to a t-party express party.....they said 10 thousand. Our newspapers dropped it. to 5,000 or less. The illegal immigrant rally with a bloated 2,000, got more coverage than we did. Biased anyone?

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I thought it was rather "chickenish" to head to Minnesota today. Not like this wasn't known. Like to see a President with some....guts, ...or atleast enough of them to hide out in the White House and peek through the curtains to see the people he is supposed to represent.....instead of playing like like an ignorant fool who wasn't aware of what was going on. You can run but you can't hide!!!! And gosh darn....for a bunch of NAZI, terriorists, astro-turfers....it was a peaceful gathering of CITIZENS!!!!! Just find it so hypocritical that he "loves to hear the other side"..."he's always open to people"....can you imagine what it would have been like, if he had the kahonnas to come out and talk to the people? Heck, you'd think he'd like to see all these "fishy" people. LOL

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LOL.....sounds like a shoo-in to me!!! LOL

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Then...wait 20-25 years...and all those kids who worked hard and did well....are now told, you must hand over everything you earned to make it so, those who never had all the good things, have them now. Heck, they are taking childrens school supplies and "redistributing them" as we speak. Right down to telling you that you can't keep your lunch box you picked out, because someone else doesn't have one. Forget the fact we have countless organaziations and people who do more than their fair share to donate to make sure your kids get an eduaction. Still not enough. I wanted to scream when there were parents who said they were waiting for the FREEBIES, so they didn't HAVE to contribute. Well, I'll be darned if I'm gonna spend my money to support your kid, when you aren't even trying. Hey, I can find something else to spend my money on too...you support it then. I don't mind helping....but I'll be darned if I do because you don't feel like it. Let's see.. rulers and crayons and paper vs a 6 pack.....hmmmmmm Decisions, decisions.....

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Of course not.....selective truth telling always leaves out the relevant information.

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Sure is....people spend tons of money to get over this sick form of thinking.