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Oh God. Mark, you poor bearded sunflower. I've been laughing for months about your #9 prediction. I kept muttering "He has no idea. He isn't ready." I almost wished I could have warned you but that'd just ruin the fun of this whole thing. But by Gods man. I don't think you have ever been less prepared for a season than season 10. *hugs* I can't wait for you to finally be caught up and suffer your first Hell-atus.

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He was only supposed to watch ONE season lmmfao. Oh wow. Mark has become such Supernatural trash like the rest of us and it delights me to no end. These predictions made actual tears come out of my eyes I laughed so hard. He's so wonderfully unprepared that I can't wait for this season of MW Supernatural. It's gonna be amazing y'all

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I definitely agree with all that you said here with the exception of Bobby's death. As much as I love Bobby and I cry like a baby every time I watch him die, he needed to go in the way that John needed to die. The boys relied too much on him. When John died they were forced to rely on themselves and grow as hunters and individuals. Then they started relying on Bobby and they just go to him with any big problem. Now they'll have no choice but to find their way as hunters and individual characters without running to a hunter!dad for help.

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Oh no. Mark's going to watch an SPN season finale on New Years Day. Oh this stress is not how you want to start your year.

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No. Mark is never prepared. Not even when he is prepared. And it's the most beautiful thing xD

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you poor, sweet, bearded child. you think that you're not prepared now but oh you have no idea just how unprepared you are. bwahahahhahahaaa this is going to be glorious.

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