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I just heard on Chris Matthew's show that what Rush said on his show about Fluke was really awful and the repubs must distance themselves from him------as opposed to a women wanting to have sex without the risk or pregnancy and for everyone else to pay for her choice of behavior

I kind of feel bad for Fluke - she's a pawn of the left and after the going all in (no pun intended) in front of the whole nation-in typical left fashion she will be discarded-discredited and ruined

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There are only 4 options available to and honest but unarmed man when face by evil -conversion-permission-retreat-or death In all situations evil is not confronted but encouraged to grow

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I prefer "Resistance Free"

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Is it blindness or intentional - not that it makes any difference to the destination but it does alter the treatment of the driver ever so slightly

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Obama and his minions know that the MSM will give them top cover for any indiscretion (see recent Media Matters issues) and they also know their own voters aren't too smart So while obvious racism exists on the left - along with a host of other issues - it will be firmly and quietly swept under the rug of public awareness

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Sorry - but I think STUPID should hurt and it's annoying when we intervene in Darwin's Theory Your life is defined by the choices YOU make - bad choices = bad life - good choices mean you have to pay for people that make wrong choices - go figure

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There's something evil about advertising a product and selling something completely different - the advertised product being objective reporting - the sold product ideological water-carrying Something we've come to expect from the main stream minions but it still gets me POed

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Once again demonstrating the difference between a conservative and a progressive-a conservative will argue with you - a progressive just wants to shut you up!

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HMMM the occupy crowd- creating someone to hate - a tactic employed by such a stellar example as hitler. That's sure to end well. Using someone or something as an excuse for your own failures or is it just too lazy to get off their own a$$ and it's just easier to take other people's stuff. Haven't made my mind up yet.

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Wow after all this time the left are STILL using this. That's bringing pathetic to an all new low