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God, the reveals, the attack, Mun and Sun fighting side by side, this is all so good.

I joke that every Love Triangle should end in a three-way. Its funny because it never happens yet Sense8 did it. I was so floored when I first watched this episode. It was just there! Three adults deciding they could love each other instead of fighting each other! It was so satisfying! I watched it and all I could think of was this was what I was missing from every love drama I had ever seen. I now hold the standard that if there isn't a possibility of a three-way in a Love Triangle I don't want anything to do with it.

Even in a non-romantic sense, I love how the Lito-Hernando-Dani thing was solved with love. Its a weird dynamic they've got, but, God, there is so much love in it I adore it.

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My favorite part of the episode was Will saying they were going to kill Joong-ki after he shot Mun. There's another honorary-clustermember and he doesn't even know it.

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It will never cease to appall me what people are willing to believe as long as it absolves them from blame. Doesn't matter it's faulty logic; doesn't matter the contradictions. As long as they are morally right they will refuse to believe anything else.

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I am incredibly late to the party but I'd like to ask a question on people. I love Garnet's story, Ruby & Sapphire's story, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love how it deals with homophobia. But, as I've been writing, I find myself asking if one can have a good story with LGBT characters that doesn't bring homophobia up.

Is it possible to have loving gay couples and not have them be confronted by a bigot? Can a write a story about them saving the world and nobody in it gagging at their love? Part of me is tired of seeing homophobia even if it only comes from the bad guys. Can I make a world without it? If my world has dragon riders or wizards or fully sentient rocks does it have to have homophobia?

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Does anyone know how to watch Steven Universe in Canada?

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I am so excited for you to be doing Deep Space Nine! It is my favorite Star Trek series. I think mostly because unlike the others, it actually is centered around a particular place. Something about constantly moving from planet to planet just turns me off. Probably because I never really got the hang of caring for characters that I only see for a single episode and the stakes never seemed as high as they were made out to be when the crew leaves for someplace new and you never find out what happened afterwards.

Sisko, Sisko is my captain. I loved him from the first minute he was introduced. It always pisses me off when people leave him out of arguments of Star Trek captains. How do you forget about him? Seriously, how do you just ignore this awesome cold-rage captain who cares so deeply about his people? I will never understand.

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I love this finale so much. We finally get Riley's backstory and for the first time in the show it feels like her Broken Bird image has been earned. So many shows think that just showing a pretty woman suffering from a trauma (usually far less large than other characters in the show) is enough to justify them acting like a drifting balloon. No purpose, no personality beyond 'sad', and constantly refusing to have connections with anyone. I love how Sense8 doesn't do that. It gives reasons for Riley to have run away from Iceland, avoid her father who is genuinely sweet, and dive into drugs. She has reasons for her behavior that don't seem petty when compared to the rest of the cast.

And she got up. Riley did the hardest thing in the world. She believed that there was no hope, that everything would be better if she just curled up and died like she almost did years ago, and...she got up. I'm sad that we didn't get to see this but this means so much to me. That the character with such huge emotional trauma, who isn't a stoic or hard as nails, saved herself. When it came down to it, Riley got up and got her and Will to that boat. Like the rest of the sensate interactions, Riley was the one who truly saved herself. The others just gave her the possibility.

Also: WILL PREGNANT. This will never stop being hilarious. Though it does raise some interesting questions about what would happen in a sensate gave birth to a baby. Omg, could you imagine all of them reacting like they're giving birth at the same time?

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I can't say that Capheus' story is bad because I'm rooting hard for him and really interested in it but it is rather tasteless. It so steeped in negative African stereotypes that it wades into cringe worthy territory. I really hope that his place gets more depth to it than just "African Slum."

Sun's brother wins the award for Worst Brother of the Year.