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Mike R...Good comments and thank you for your service. I find myself thinking alot about the oath you and I took to defend this country from all enemies as the line between foriegn or domestic is getting blurry and like you I still have fight in me. My family has lost alot of blood defending America, and I want America back for my children and grandchildren.
God Bless You, and America

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Oh Spector didn't change the color of his stripe, it has always been bright white running down the center of his spineless back much like the skunk he is. To change sides to protect your intrests over the will of the people he supposedly represents is shameful, but shameful seems to be the IN thing these days at OUR capital. Vote him out PA.

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The answer to the question posed is another question. Have we responded correctly to anything in the last hunDREAD days?

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He sure was, and he shook the hand of a museum director and the guy died the next day from the swine. I mean the virus not OB, or do I...

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Imagine that, you are spot on. Rambo's words will define this administration and I hope Telepromter approved his message... Just sayin

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I live 3,000 miles away from NY and when I saw the "PHOTO OP" on television without sound my heart skipped a couple beats, thinking this cannot be happening again. I became bewildered and then outrage set in when I found out it was OB's jet with a F16 escort. This was nothing short of a terrorist act, especially after finding out the feds threatened everyone to keep silent knowing it would freak people out and send them scurrying out of buildings in fear is something like SADDAM would have done. Where the hell did this OB guy come from anyway? He cannot say he was only three when 9/11 happened this time and saying "it will never happen again" is not nearly enough. A real commander in chief would have called the responsible CZAR/ Scapegoat to the carpet and fired him immediately and sent him to GITMO. D.C. has turned into Dictator Czarsville. I am starting to think that its a good idea that he is going after the Bush administration with the intention of prosecution, because he will set precedence for his own criminal trial, I know this is not HARVARD smart nor wise. He won't release his documentation from Harvard why? This guy has been groomed to be a puppet president; but by whom? He cannot speak coherently as witnessed when the Telepromter in Chief messed up the other day, this also is not consistent with being a Harvard educated lawyer, he should be able to orate professionally and dramatically with true conviction, isn't that what lawyers do? I honestly think he needs the Telepromter because he does not believe in what he is saying and he can't look you in the eye while speaking, with his head going from left to right over and over like windshield wipers in a rainstorm is annoying. I only have an eighth grade education backed up with a G.E.D. I got while serving my country and I wrote this tirade and if I had a podium I'd go off like Reverend Wright on a crack bender, without notes or Telepromter because I believe what I am conveying and I could and would orate and emote with conviction. Happy one hunDREAD days Dear Leader... Sorry, I got off message because I am pissed, should’ve put this on vent…

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They are gonna need scientist to figure our way out of this fiscal mess, the economist seem as baffled as the rest of us.

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A CLASSIFIED PHOTO OP? HAVEN'T THEY EVER HEARD OF PHOTOSHOP, Maybe they need Iranian help with Photoshop, this admin is so so out of touch with reality and I wonder how much this photo op cost us? I coulda done a nice one for them real cheap as I could use the extra cash.

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Yes, Capitalism in our modern society has to have checks and balances, for the reasons you so stated. My thought process was that Chrysler should determine its own destiny and the government who failed in their duty of checks and balances should not be taking over warranties, should not be backing pensions and most definately should not be firing CEO's. After all it is and was the government that let Wall street and the banking industry go full blown VEGAS with outragious gambling on speculation, the government did not implement their own guidelines, rules and laws which in my veiw is mostly to blame for this downturn. Not to say Chrysler could have and should have been more competitive and built better vehicles and should have been more progressive. Bankruptcy is probably the best solution.

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If Capitalism is left to its own devices it can and does correct itself. Goverment intervention is pure buzz kill and they should stay out of every business, because these morons cannot even do their jobs. A correction is obviously needed, if Chrysler wants to survive, it will, and sometimes you gotta tear something down to build something new.