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Now, isn't this interesting? Nice goin' Missy8s,

Now if we could just do all of our homework, and not vote for any incumbents, and start with new blood. I am starting to think all incumbents have been corrupted by politics

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First I'm labeled as a terrorist. Now I'm labeled as UNAMERICAN. Now enough's enough! I say NO MORE...__No More Pork__No More Signin' Bills into law you can't read or understand__No More Funds from big cooperations towards your elections__No More you designatin' your voters__No More Appointments for Life (4 year term limit for all) Go out get a real job__No More Special benefits for you (we've got a national debt to pay)__No More... The Buck Stops Here!__No More private jets flyin' from Point A to B__No More fringe benefits__No More Oh it was an honest mistake. If You can't pay your taxes...You don't need to be in office__No More Special interest__NO MORE...__You may work for minimum wage...__You may not collect sick or vacation pay for workin less than 365 days per year__That means you want the month of August off without pay.__

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Your czar list is missin' some numbers, all of the sudden. Per previous comment, I was watchin' #6, however now your numbers jump from 3 straight to 8. #1 is missin' too. So is 11, 13, 18, 20, 23-24, 30 and 31? Now I know I wasn't a drinkin' but those names have disappeared and I know they were there the other day. Stumped????

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Lordy, Lordy how right you are powerupusa09,

# 6 Terrorism CZAR is on my list, and don't ya dare feel like the lone ranger, I almost forgot I was labeled a terrorist too. I reckon since their watchin' us and one good turn deserves another, it's our turn to watch them. I'll watch #6.

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I'm so with ya, and although I can't hardly wait until the 2010 election, my fear is the same as yours that it may too late. Yet, hope remains that WE THE PEOPLE, can and will make a difference. Why is it that our gov't can create crises and send everyone into a panic, yet we the people seem unable to this? I believe we can however, teaparties are a great start, but we need a march on Washington D.C. you and me, the teaparties, the 9-12's, the NRA, and everyone else who still believes in preservin' our great Constitution. We also need to get away from foreign imports and buyin' chinese made. I hope that we'll stay in touch. You can find me on www.snaringsupper.com. It's a new website tryin to preserve independence of this great nation, by using whatcha got, and recipes. I do not have alot of members, but I'm tryin' to keep out the rif raf (porn and thrasy sites) but membership's free. So sign up, post anything that you like. May the Good Lord walk with you.

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Thanks so much for postin' this, I was wonderin' how many czars Obamanation actually had and their names. Are these the folks that aren't accountable to us the people? Which one of these goopers is responsible for shreddin' our Constitiution? Hidin' behind the cross. 31 czars wow, that's like a record number, which one of these czars is formin this civilian national security force? That's the one I wanna be watchin'. As a matter fact I'll watch two, which one of these czars is tryin to get rid of my second amendment rights? I want to keep a really close eye and exposin' them, right along with the NRA.

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It may be sad that we're just a chat board now as you put it, however I believe it's good to know who's on our side, and we don't need Glenn for that. With this project he brought us together and we need to stick together, cuz the battle between We the People and them there sittin' up on hill is brewin'. Czars, lawyers findin' their way around our Constitution. Clunker law, lord don't click on that website, if you do, everything you have could belong to the gov't and it's legal. Now that's scary...first they want our cars then our guns. I'm on the legislators too. Rememberin' who voted for what and I'll take note and I won't vote elect the same ol anymore.

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Evenin' tlt61, holler here
I still know a couple fellas comrads in arms. It's a great idea to keep 'em informed. I appreciate your input. Those sneaky wiesels up there on the hill, are findin' ways round our Constitution with all them lawyers, I've been watchin, listenin' and a learnin' they're doin' it bit by bit. And those so-called czars don't even have to answer to us at all. Next they'll git a gun control czar, just keep watchin'

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Evenin' Brat001, I'm Whisky Holler, most just call me holler
I'm agreein' with ya, the more barrier's they can create for us, the more difficult it will be for us to break 'em down. That's exactly what a Nat'l Security Force does, intimidate, rape, lie and steal from hard-workin' US citizens. And there doin it, bit by bit, slowly but surely. I've been researchin' some things to take care of my family. Buyin' dried beans by the bucket, learnin' how to can food, how to plant food, what wild plants and roots can my family eat. It all may sound crazy to ya, but have ya seen the food prices at the grocers? Prepare for the worst, hope for the best and prey, lot's a preyin'.

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Evenin' Don,

Whether or not the president or the feds have the authority to create a nat'l security force is the question of day. However given their current agenda they are movin' to a one world gov't. If we want to believe it or not. It makes me wonder whether the President of this great nation is actually in control or if he's another puppet in someone's play. The way I see it - he promised transparency, yet he's shovin' bills with deadlines down ever'one's throat. He's affiliation with ACORN, the SEIU and other organizations is questionable. You see, Don they don't have the authority to create such a force, but they're hidin behind the cross, and findin' a way around it. That's why we need to guard against. Now our gov't ownes the car business, the banks, AIG, Chrysler, etc. They have czars not needin' to answer to Us the People... Do you see where this could lead? Slowly but surely this administration is sellin' us out to the powerful because money and greed isn't good enough for them anymore.