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It's relative, I suspect. Where you grew up and raised your family, your 'station' in life. I, like you, left home in my teens and made a life for myself. I've raised my family too. In some areas however, jobs are scarce and a person's ability to set themselves up and survive on their own may be limited. I would not look down on today's youth because they still live with their parents. And in most cases it's really just a matter of a new address for the young person - the family structure is vital to all and maintained for the benefit of all. We're not as isolated in ourselves as some would have us believe.

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A breath of fresh air. I totally agree that ALL MPs should have actual roles to play in parliament, instead we have the majority of them acting like trained seals with little else to do..

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You'd be surprised how many fast food joints use MSG to enhance the flavour of their foods.

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I'm with you on this. Coming from the prairies I was astounded to hear that Tim Horton's was a "Canadian Icon" when they started a franchise in Afganistan with tax payers money. As Canadian as the maple leaf? Not to me or anyone I know. That's not to say they're not everywhere you look these days - there's practically one on every block downtown. ____This whole thing is marketing and profit margins. You can get rich owning a Tim Horton's franchise, but that's not good enough - you have to be able to get stinking rich I guess. Squeeze every last penny out of the rubes, they'll eat/drink anything. But pretend it's 'always fresh'. Where I come from fresh doesn't mean previously frozen.

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Wow, I thought things couldn't be more f'd up than here where I live, but I guess I was wrong.

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If the Pakistan gov't doesn't need our help then they won't ask for it. Some of the Imams are saying they shouldn't take any foreign aid either. My heart breaks for the people of Pakistan in their hour of need.

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Wine is meant to marinade the beef after you kill it, not before!

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Think wine store - choice is good, not everyone likes the high test.

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Tom Flanagan said on CBC's Power & Politics today that the gov't is probably ramping up spending in the Communications budget because an election is coming some time down the road and the gov't wants to be sure to get it's message out.

So, that means that the Conservative Reform Alliance Party of Canada is spending my tax dollars for electioneering purposes instead of on sound policies? And at the same time they're trying to cut the stipend given to the other parties so that they can't realistically compete in getting THEIR message out next election?

We know that Harper won't force an election until his latest fiascoes are behind him a bit and he pushs through his election reform package. I think the Liberals and the NDP need to defeat this loser as soon as the gov't returns this fall and put and end to this garbage.

I never thought I would live long enough to see this kind of fascism in Canada. My father and grandfather, who both fought for our freedoms in WW1 & WW2 would be rolling in their grave if they knew. Hopefully they'll haunt Harper's dreams every night!

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