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The link now goes directly to the application.

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Iowa was a caucus, not a primary vote.

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Please note that the governor's action is to expand the list of disqualifying factors. DWI was already on that list.

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Because the work of a local artist was recognized on a national level. Why would you denegrate it by calling it insignificant trivia?

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Law enforcement officials have indicated that, while there is a criminal investigation going on, they have no reason to believe, at this time, that this was an intentional act. As a result, we will not post comments linking this situation with any other action. We will keep you posted on the progress of the investigation.

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Utica DPW equipment was the first used by UFD at the scene. New Hartford was called after the evacuation of the cottonseed had already begun.

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For the sake of clarification, the land in South Utica that is known as Roscoe Conkling Park was donated to the City of Utica by Thomas R. Proctor in 1909.

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Do you therefore believe that we should, as the saying goes, roll over?

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The mechanics of the retansmission process, as provided by FCC rules, puts the decision to withdraw a signal in the hands of the signal provider. Keep in mind, the cable system makes money by gathering signals, putting them in a package and selling them to their subscribers. All of the providers of programming (CNN, HBO, FOX Newschannel, local broadcast stations) all have a right to be paid for their product that cable uses on their systems. Time Warner pays all of these other channels, including the other local Utica channels.
WKTV does provide free over the air programming and will continue to do so, regardless of the talks with Time Warner Cable. That has nothing to do with Time Warner Cable. WKTV, like other program providers, are simply telling cable systems that they should pay a fair price for the channels they sell to their subscribers.
Right now, Time Warner Cable doesn't pay WKTV anything. More people watch WKTV on the Time Warner system, in the Utica Market, than any other channel Time Warner offers.
WKTV has sought to avoid this kind of interuption by granting extensions to Time Warner for almost five years. There is still no agreement.

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I am sorry that we were unable to get a video crew to the Buddy Walk on October 3rd. On some days, especially on weekends, we only have one crew (one reporter and one photographer making up that crew). That day, they were in Otsego County and it was just a matter of not having enough people to go around.

I am not sure if you caught our evening shows that day, but the event did get covered and was in the broadcasts.

Our own Caroline Gable was there and took photos that were then shown as a story of the event ran in the evening newscasts that day.

So, while we may not have been able to get a photographer down there, we still did our best to make sure the event got coverage, which was definitely in our shows that evening.

I am not sure what the odds are of you checking this, so I will also drop you an email with this reply, just to be safe. I just want you to know that the effort was certainly made and that it did appear in our shows that night.

-Dave D