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They need to be locked up for a long time

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What this SCUMBAG did to this child is a shame.What I cant understand is why the tax payer should foot the bill for this scumbag to be in prison. As far as I am concerned, when people that do this are finally convicted they should get the death penalty within a week of being convicted.
Everyday you either read about crap like this or see it on the news. I think its about time we do something about it.

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What the hell is wrong here. This guy is convicted of murder and robbery. Then he claims they used excessive force. Then he gets a 2000.00 settlement. The money should go to the family of officer Corr.

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Both of these pigs should have to register as child molesters. They should have it tatooed to their forehead so everyone can see it. They also should have got at least 6 years in jail.

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We need to bring back the death penalty in NYS