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Then let those shows continue - by choice of subscription.

I cannot even remember the last time I tuned into a BBC drama program, or a sporting event, the news is more biased than Sky's (at times approaching Channel 4's level), and as for the World Service - well let that come from the Foreign Aid budget specifically. As for Royal events they are screened by commercial stations as well. Natural history programs, what you mean those that are faked or the presenters have to have a certain political viewpoint - no thank you.

The BBC can die its death and the sooner the better. If YOU want it then you pay for it, I would love the chance not to subsidise YOUR pleasure.

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'Free channels' - they are paid for by US, since when have they been 'FREE'. Besides which if there was a call for them the market would willingly fill it. What absolute unthought out utter tosh, the BBC definitely IS NOT FREE!

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Time the BBC was disbanded. In fact as there are so many left wingers in the organisation let us be very generous as a nation - and GIVE the BBC employees the whole BBC, the one proviso being that the TV licence is abolished and those very same employees, or rather 'owners', would have to find the money to run and fund and invest in THEIR business, but none of it would come from the Government or a television licence fee tax.

For me personally I really do not care one jot if the BBC ceases to exist, in fact it would be an automatic saving to my family of £3 per week if it did cease to exist (we already pay a heck of a lot more than that each week to watch the programs we are interested in).

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I read the article because it was published on this site.

I commented because by commenting it shows my absolute disgust at the author and his views (and those who support such views).

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Mr. Gauke is the author of this article therefore as expected it was a waste of time reading. Do wonder when though he will move to his beloved EU?

As the last polls were showing 49% support for the Government I wonder why the author even considers his views will get support among Conservative supporters on this site, apart from that is the usual group of Europhile non-conservatives which post on here.

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This Government needs to immediately bring forward a Bill to immediately stop the BBC receiving any Government or tax subsidies and to pass a law preventing extension of the BBC Charter and right to impose the TV Licence tax past it's current charter runs out in 2027. The Government should also REDUCE the current TV Licence Fee (Tax) every year by 20% until the current charter runs out. :)

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The BBC of 'yesteryear' (or should that be 'yester-decade') would have. But today's BBC think they can blackmail the Government - what fools the BBC are, indeed the main TV media as a whole, they think they can sanitise the(ir) news broadcasts so as to become a political propaganda behemoth whereby only their views will count. They have learned nothing of their follies from the past few years.

Good-bye to the BBC licence fee now. :)

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"It has resisted both political and legal attempts at promoting a resolution of the issues."

The above, when translated, means 'the UK should give in and role over'.

Now let us put this simply, the UK has acted within the law, so the answer is 'NO' to David Snoxell. (Wouldn't surprise me to soon hear that a certain baseball baseball bat wielding anti-fox barrister gets involved in this.)

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Merry Christmas to all at Conservative Home - enjoy the festive days.

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