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Co-op would be so amazing for this game. That Dirt Bike also looks amazing.

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Speaking as a former PS3 owner, I'm sad that things didn't work out. I sold my PS3 when I realized I played my Wii more often, which is somewhat of a joke since I haven't dusted that thing off in two months. What really drove it home was the buyers remorse. I spent $500 on the Metal Gear Solid bundle, and I ended up playing Metal Gear Solid, a terrible version of LocoRoco, and a slew of terrible third party titles. I wanted so bad to justify that purchase, but I ended up selling the system for $250 so I could buy some new games for the 360.

I figure in 8 years I'll look back on the PS3 as I now look back on the Dreamcast.

I agree about the PR, they really need to get someone in that position who doesn't insult with every breath.

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This game needs more levels. I would EASILY pay $10 for this game if they just gave me a change of scenery. The control scheme is amazing, the sound is good enough, the enemies get more difficult as the game progresses, as if to say "My lord, those people who made Space Invaders and every other arcade game were right!".

This game should cost money, you should physically throw money at the people who made this game, they will be the folk who turn the iPhone into a must have gaming machine.

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I'm not sure if it's been covered all ready, but I think Crackdown deserves an award for the useless things that need collecting. I may be the sole person who actually thought the game was fun, but not even I will defend the need to collect a thousand* orbs.

*This number exaggerated for comic effect.

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Magic the Gathering to be specific, I hear Nick Suttner is a sucker for cards.

In all seriousness, with the industry crippling itself by forced massive layoffs, these are strange times for people who otherwise thought they had it made. It's an unfortunate side effect of the political games that may, or may not, have been happening in the states as of late.

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I'd say that Saints Row is where GTA left off. GTA started as a strange ultra-violent top scroller that had a surprisingly small fanbase, compared to what it is now. When GTA III came out it was as if the pinnacle of gaming had finally been achieved. We had a true reality where we were free to do whatever we chose. For some of us it wasn't even the violence that was attractive, it was just the idea that you could, if you chose, spend a long while dicking around. The game evolved from the open-endedness of Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, and other platformers that had open ended levels, and threw a lot of Driver into the mix. I remember renting it with a friend, and not minding at all that it was single player because it was just so much fun.

GTA 4 is a great game, but they chose to evolve the style of play they invented. They focused a lot less on "dicking around" and more on an engaging story and interesting characters. Saints Row 2 is the exact opposite. I don't even care what happened in the storyline, though it was somewhat engaging on a sub-human level, I just had a blast playing the game. The fact that you could say, grab someone and use them as a shield while you walked through a police barricade was pretty epic. The amount of customization in the game is unreal, from your clothes, to your cars, to your gang, they covered all aspects of the "petty things I can do with my character" scene. The missions were quite fun, and reminded me of the Vice City missions more than GTA 4 did. It's very hard to frown at insurance fraud, a side mission where you press a button to go limp and get hurt as much as possible to rack up points. Playing any of the missions or side-missions multiplayer makes the game infinitely better. Ever have a "OMG I Can't believe that just happened!" moment with a friend? It's a lot of that. I think the reason I didn't beat any GTA or the original Saints Row to 100% is because I didn't have a friend to enjoy the moment with. If you've ever played Battle Toads, Double Dragon, or TMNT you'll know where I'm coming from.

I do hope GTA 5 continues the path of it's predecessor, because it's a great road to take, but I'll be looking forward to Saints Row 3 more.

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It happened with Oblivion and World of Warcraft Burning Crusade. Maybe it was just the people? They were very sarcastic about everything, and rarely answered a question seriously.

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The cut scenes I'm referring to are the ones during VATS. The original Fallout's had a "fast battle mode" option, so you wouldn't spend all your time watching characters move, or become dismembered. There was also a profanity filter and a non-violent mode. The fact that you could become a porn star, pick up condoms and blow up dolls, and fornicate with a lot of people negated the good intentions though.

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Suppose you pre-order a game, and then later decide not to get it. With my experience at Gamestop, unless I do A LOT of complaining, I won't get that pre-order towards something else, so $5 wasted. When you pre-order you're essentially paying for something that doesn't exist yet, which isn't healthy for the customer. Other places will actually transfer your pre-order money, which is fantastic, but the whole idea behind pre-ordering is less practical than it is devious. The only way to put an end to a lucrative practice like pre-orders is to stop buying them. Strange as it may sound, I get my midnight releases at Wal-Mart, because they're the only ones not pushing pre-orders, magazines, memberships, and strategy guides down my throat.

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The best feature of the game is co-op. As much fun as it is to enjoy sexploits and kill people to death, and trust me you WILL kill them to death, doing it with a friend turns the game from "Eh?" to "YAY!". I had most of my fun flying around having intense dog fights with my friend. I'd say it's the most open-ended game I've ever played, and the co-op experience is groundbreaking it works so well.