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Columbia is still in that rut, despite the fact that they are essentially waging an all out war (in the literal sense not the nonsense rhetorical sense) on them. If Columbia went all the way with it it might help, but they still frame it in criminal and legal terms.

For Mexico's situation, if drugs were legal trade then it would certainly assist in diffusion, but given that America is poised on the brink of poverty anyways this might be moot. Second is that Mexico has to organize its army to fight this threat as it would any other hostile invader. Not pretty, but that's it.

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I love it when spokespeople say "It's a war." Mostly because it's absolutely accurate, but then no one but the Cartels behave as though it's a war. Is it really any surprise that they come out on top? Should the Mexican government actually start to behave as though they are dealing with a rebel domestic force they might make some head way.

Also for those that believe legalizing drugs in Mexico would solve the problem, I find that idea hard to credit. While their illegality certainly contributes to the problem, the problem itself is independent of drug legality. In other words, were drugs suddenly to become legal the Cartels would still be there trying to maintain power. Not to mention that it is actually the US that would have to legalize drugs in order to actually have a precipitable effect.

As for why Canadians still travel their to vacation? They don't perceive it as dangerous obviously. I think they are factually wrong, but that has no effect on whatever their perception happens to be.

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Unsurprised, but disappointed. If politicians actually had to face the consequences of talking s___ to win an election,,, well, we'd probably have more responsible moderate politicians.

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Where ever trouble rears its ugly head the UN is there to save the day! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a un enforced no fly zone!

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Airport security: Preventing terrorism one granny at a time.

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I looked around but couldn't find the 'front loading' you mentioned, I did however follow dave's link that I didn't notice before and it was pretty good explanation of current practices. For some reason I was being simple minded and wasn't expecting people to be doing complex algorithms like that, or more importantly ceding control that much; which is where I suspect immorality would be found although I couldn't point out what specifically would be its cause.

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Lol, that's a rather cynical form of humour, but I read you. :)

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I think you misunderstood my comment, I was not referring to the commenter's here but rather those people who are quoted in the article itself, they seem to me to be talking around the subject rather then addressing it. Essentially I agree with totuuden. Perhaps you're just upset that I called you on your racist nonsense above.

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It's interesting to see what Britain is cutting and keeping. If I was British I'd be annoyed as well.

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It'd be nice if a little more information was presented here. The key information is missing. That information being what the paragraph actually said, or why specifically Canada objected to it.

Here's the link to the Embassy article, which adds a little more, but unfortunately not much: