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"Ocampo's own father is also homeless."
Wow. I guess we know what twisted rationale motivated him to select middle-aged homeless men for victims.
Have investigators actually located this man's father and verified that he is amongst the living???

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I find it somewhat unsettling that the FBI published this woman's photo, accompanied by an extremely vague explaination of *why* they are seeking to find her. I'm sure this woman has family or friends somewhere---most of us do... But, would *you* feel comfortable turning information over to a federal agency regarding a loved one, when they won't even elaborate on why they want to talk to her??? :/

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Now here's a novel approach to proving the judge 'right' for granting that relief from abuse order:
Take your family hostage at gunpoint---with an AK-47 assault rifle---no less!

Hopefully, he won't be seeing this side of a prison fence again, anytime soon (preferably EVER!)

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Reviewing those cases would definitely be the 'right' thing to do...
But, I think that many state officials in Texas--- holding all sorts of political positions--- fear opening that particular can of worms!
So, I doubt they will do so voluntarily.

I think DNA review of cases where an inmate has been executed, and biological samples still exist. should be Federally mandated, since the technology now exists for us to do so.
This would force ALL 50 states to participate.

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"Dallas' record of DNA exonerations is unmatched nationally because the county crime lab maintains biological evidence even decades after a conviction, leaving samples available to test. In addition, District Attorney Craig Watkins has cooperated with innocence groups in reviewing hundreds of requests by inmates for DNA testing."

This is, probably, the first time I have EVER read an article regarding the Texas 'criminal justice' system, and been left with the feeling that they are doing something that is worthy of emulation by our other 49 states...
Way to go, Dallas, Texas!
: )

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This is very bizarre...
I wonder what her motive was, in fabricating this "attempted sexual assault" report, to police?

I mean, normally, I would say this was probably just some (SICK!) ploy for attention.
But... I'd think having a 'minor celebrity' type status would provide her with more than enough attention, as is--- too much, for most people!

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: )

I'm not sure if the term "telling the truth" can really be applied to meteorologists...
It would imply that they actually KNOW what the weather will do, and simply choose to report otherwise.
They might as well be consulting a 'Magic 8' ball.

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This guy sounds like the 'Simon Cowell' of dance critics...
Unnecessarily, snide, condescending and mean-spirited, but trying to pass himself off as just being brutally 'honest'.
It's also a time-honored tactic used by twelve year old girl-bullies in middle schools everywhere.

In both cases, catty little biotches--- with self-esteem and adequacy issues of their own--- make themselves feel better by tearing down others in cruel and demeaning ways.
Kinda sad... and pathetic!

Glad that this dancer seems unaffected by the remarks!

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While in *general* I happen to disagree with a LOT of ACLU's actions in recent decades.... in this particular case, I think they are completely RIGHT to raise as big of a stink as they can!

The military should NOT have 'carte blanche' to sweep sexual violence under the rug, shield perpetrators, retaliate against victims, or fail to adequately treat victims' PTSD.

The women who risk their lives to **serve this country**, should be able to expect a modicum of respect by this government--- and adequate protection from predators serving within their ranks--- don't you think???

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It takes a real cowardly, puke-of-a-"man", to tether a helpless, 6 pound, doggie to a tree and then torture it like that.
I mean... seriously?
Just HOW powerless and impotent does a grown man have to be, that beating up on tiny dog gives him a power trip???