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The end of the transition period was always going to be a time of change and Johnson needing people around him who would spin whatever decisions he makes to his advantage, without the political ideology of Vote Leave.

Yes, Cummings successfully masterminded Johnson's ascent to power, but has shown little ability or interest in keeping him there. Time for Johnson to have team around him capable of governing us effectively.

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The cull was inevitable as the end of the transition period comes to an end and Johnson has to decide what kind of relationship he wants with the EU and USA from 1 Jan.

Whatever his decision he needs a team around him that he can trust to spin the story his way and not have a political agenda of their own.

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I for one welcome a return to old fashion curtesy and centrist politics in the USA.

The Republicans need to find a candidate with Trump's charisma but without the 3am Twitter rampages and narcissim.

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The extension to the end of March could also cover business interruption caused by Brexit.

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American voters have much more democratic influence than we do. They elect their President, upper chamber and lower chamber. Whereas we only elect our lower chamber, which then appoints our Prime Minister and decides who to appoint to our upper chamber.

That increased direct democracy enables voters to split their allegiance and decide whether to allow the President full control of both houses or not, which as Ben says has a huge influence on their legislative ability.

I wish we also had the same level of direct democracy in the UK.

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Good to see so many Americans voting, apathy is the true enemy of democracy.

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Sopel said on the BBC Americast that the BBC follow Reuters, which in turn follows AP, which is much more cautious about when to predict the outcome of a state.

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I am very surprised that Gove has not led a national movement for us to eat British caught fish.

If we ate the fish we caught, instead of importing what we eat and exporting what we catch, this "negotiation" would be much simpler and have wider public support.

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Our government made the situation in Manchester far worse than it needed to be. Hancock and Sunak could have sat down with our MPs in the area, reached an agreement and then told Burnham what was going to happen.

Instead we have had a woeful example of disjointed government which could have achieved far more, faster, and with political credit instead of damage if our ministers had listened to their own MPs.

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, would have been delighted with Burnham's defense of his residents and would have liked to have been able to do the same, except that the dire mess Carillion made of the new Liverpool hospital means that Liverpool has run out of ICU beds and needed a local lock down irrespective of the cash of the table.

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Will Jenrick force Manchester into Tier 3 ?

Not a chance. He's going to hand that political hot potato to Johnson after failing to convince Burnham that Manchester should accept what Liverpool accepted.

The difference between Liverpool and Manchester is that Liverpool's new hospital, badly built by Carillion and needing extensive remedial work, will not be open before 2022 and that leaves Liverpool struggling for ICU places and having to lock down hard to avoid patients on corridors. Whereas Manchester has all it's hospital facilities available and a Nightingale hospital.

Burnham and the local Conservative MPs are right to stand up for the interests of their residents.