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Thank you for the link, what a fascinating article:

"The European Union has reassured the Government that no physical checks will be needed on the Border even if the UK crashes out of the bloc without a deal, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said."

appears to contradict:

"Reports from Brussels indicated that this week’s resumed negotiations between the UK and EU teams were proving difficult. On Tuesday, The Irish Times reported there had been no progress on the Border issue – regarded by both sides as the main remaining obstacle to a withdrawal agreement – during a session devoted to Ireland on Monday."

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WTO Domesday theories continue in the absence of an government plans or preparations for a WTO exit.

The act positively we need to be proactive about preparing for a WTO exit.

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I am sure they are, but from their perspective a bad deal is worse than no deal.

Yes they would take a hit economically but they have the EU to bail them out.

So be ready for Ireland to force a No Deal.

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No Deal planning and preparation is supposed to be part of DeXEU, not part of the Treasury.

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Ireland is being backed into a corner as time runs out.

If they cannot get an agreement on Northern Ireland then a No Deal Brexit is better for them than a bad deal Brexit.

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You are right, and I agree with John's answer.

I hope we get a deal, but we cannot guarantee a deal. Next April we leave the EU. If there is no deal agreed in advance then we leave without a deal and on the principle that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed that is a significant and growing risk.

The only guarantee we have is No Deal, so that is what we should be preparing for.

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You have a reasonable point, I am sure Borris would have preferred the Heathrow decision to be kicked down the road again.

It was how he responded to the situation that has undermined his credibility.

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The new CDS will help, as long as it scales up Ok, but is only part of the measures that need to be put in place to alleviate the disruption Brexit will cause to the border regions.

I am sure that ways and means can be found to help those border communities, but first we need a recognition that there will be disruption then a meaningful discussion about what we can do help them.

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The fastest, cheapest route from anywhere in the UK to any central / southern European destination is through Dover, and the same in reverse.

Unloading and reloading adds time and cost. The big hauliers will do this with part shipments using a hub and spoke arrangement but full loads travel directly from source to destination.

I am not saying that it can not or should not be changed, just that we need to be honest about it costing more and taking longer.

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I look forward to the tours. Probably the only chance I will have of ever seeing either of them.

However, I think it's a wasted opportunity. We could and should be using the summer recess for a leadership election and the candidates could tour outlining their alternative visions for Brexit.