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Watching the hustings caused me two major concerns:

Too much focus on non Brexit issues when Brexit is the dominant issue around which all else is irrelevant.

Too much focus on detail. We need a PM who can demonstrate the ability to delegate the detail and focus on The Big Picture. Where is the leverage that the UK can use to pressure a better deal out of the EU ?

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Sounds like a good reason for lease holders to buy out their leases, like I did last year when I moved house.

I knocked the cost of buying out the lease from the asking price of the house.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I have discussed becoming an MP with both the CWO and Women2Win, but it takes a very special sort of person to take on the challenges of campaigning for a seat and then being a good MP. Isabel Hardman in her book "Why we get the wrong politicians" sets out the challenges of becoming and being an MP.

Not only do I not have the right qualities to be an MP, I also value my freedom to be critical of party policy when necessary.

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Thanks Daniel, but I have enough problems running my SME :)

You are right about the need for businesses to prepare for Brexit.

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I thought that was a good interview for Johnson, eloquent and visionary. I want a PM who can see the big picture, and has the confidence to delegate the detail to others.

I would though still like to see a Johnson / Hunt debate, where they have to think on their feet and demonstrate an ability to lead under pressure.

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Thank you Lindsay :)

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Hi Paul,

50% of our export business is with the EU, which makes it 15% of our total sales.

Yes, we set up a virtual sales office in Tallinn using the Estonian e-resident scheme so that our customers could trade with us within the EU if that was easier for them. Particularly those who are not used to trading outside the EU.

Our experience so far is that most of our EU customers prefer to deal with us directly in the UK, but we will keep the Estonian sales office option open until we know the terms of our future relationship with the EU. As a virtual office the running cost is minimal.

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The current exchange rate has helped boost our exports. We have just taken on additional shop floor staff to cope with demand.

I agree with you that we would like to know what our future trading arrangements are going to be. All I can do at the moment is be as flexible and ready as possible.

As for foreign junkets one of the benefits of having our own business is that I can tack holidays onto business trips whereas when I worked for multinationals I was expected to travel at weekends and focus only on work while away on business.

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Thank you.

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Three years ago Brexit was a potential disaster, a major disruption to our economy. Then as the dust settled it became apparent that we were still in the EU and would be for at least another couple of years so there would not be any immediate impact, which gave us time to plan for Brexit.

While we were planning I was aghast to see our government say that No Deal was better than a Bad Deal, without preparing for No Deal. The prospect of an unprepared No Deal Brexit pushed us into a defensive strategy. Cut investment, hoard cash etc. I was vocal on this forum about the need for our government to actively prepare for No Deal and I also agreed that the WA had neither the benefits of being in the EU or the opportunities of being outside the EU.

A defensive strategy is not a sustainable long term strategy for a business. When we looked at Brexit objectively it became apparent that we should be investing in our ability to take advantage of any opportunities that might arise from Brexit. However, that plan needed finance, needed implementing and it's only now with our plan coming to fruition that I can say that we are Brexit ready.

I am anti leaving the EU without a deal if we have not prepared for it. If our government is now going to commit to preparing for a No Deal Brexit and with the work that has already been done then I can now look for the opportunities rather than the threats from Brexit.