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This is a good article for one important reason.

The failure of the Labour party to provide an effective opposition means that we need scrutiny of our government policies to come from within and Gauke is in an excellent position to be critical, as long as he does not get personal.

A hefty government majority gives our ministers the power to govern, and not all will govern wisely. Better to accept criticism now than have to deal with the consequences of bad policy in the run up to the next election.

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CCHQ should, in my opinion, rebuild it's network of regional offices and second staff to them from the center on a rotating basis.

That way the London staff experience regional issues first hand and regional staff build up their London contacts.

I'd donate money towards that, in the same way as I already donate money for local campaign managers.

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I agree with the principle of rebuilding the regional offices, both to support local MPs and also to link with CCHQ.

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Liverpool has a Freeport. A series of bonded warehouses where import duty does not have to be paid until the goods are moved out of the warehouse.

Previously only relevant to high tariff items but that might change with Brexit if our tariff rates change.

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Sounds like a great initiative, although some specific examples of businesses that would benefit from a Freeport / FTZ would have been useful.

Until we know our future trading relationships, import duties and documentation requirements it's difficult to quantify the benefits of Freeports / FTZs.

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My youngest daughter works in London as a senior lighting designer, working on major construction projects in the UK and around the world.

I asked her why she has to live and work in London to do her job. Why not live in Liverpool or Manchester and use the internet more to communicate with customers. Also central London is only two hours away by train and Manchester airport is a world class aviation hub.

Her reply is always that London is where the money is. It's where the big infrastructure projects are located, like cross rail, and where the big consultancies, like Foster's, are headquartered. It's where key skills are concentrated and virtual conference calls are not the same as being in the same room with your customers.

She would love to be able to move back north, but it would take the government prioritising LONG TERM regional investment in major capital projects, such as HS3, over investment in London and the South East.

I emphasised "LONG TERM" as she would not move out of London for an isolated project or short term contract. So "LONG TERM" capital investment by our government in the regions, west and north, is the challenge for our leaders.

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Yes I did, thank you :)

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Could have done with you in Southport when we were chased down a street by Momentum :)

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Good for you Chris and well done Rebecca.

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During the GE we monitored our website traffic to identify what local voters were responding to. We noticed significant traffic to our "Get involved" web page, that then left our website.

After brainstorming how we could make our "Get involved" webpage more appealing I added pictures from our campaign to portray who we were, what we looked like and what we did. I am particularly proud of the first photo, which I choose because it reflected the diversity of our membership.

Since making that change our membership increased by 20% and of those new members half are women and a quarter are non white. This is what I want for my association, to reflect all aspects of our society, and I urge all readers to check that the "Get Involved" page on your association website reflects who you want as members.