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All of this fuss could have been avoided if the government had consulted a competent Attorney General before publishing this Bill and worded the Bill as Cox has set out.

I don't have a problem with what our government is trying to do, just it's competence.

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How did we end up with such an incompetent government ?

Cox in The Times today:
"Therefore, if the powers that the House of Commons is asked today to confer on the government by assenting to the UK Internal Market Bill are to be used to nullify those perfectly plain and foreseeable consequences, they would amount to nothing more or less than the unilateral abrogation of the treaty obligations to which we pledged our word less than 12 months ago, and which this parliament ratified in February."

Cox made the point that there are other ways to resolve this issue than to unilaterally abrogate our treaty obligations.

Are we so short of talent in government that we are no longer able to negotiate a trade deal or effectively manage the political issues ?

Johnson was an outstanding campaigner, but is proving less able to run what he won.

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Over promising and under delivering undermines government credibility.

This is going to be a long winter of discontent.

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With a majority of 80 Johnson does not need to carry parliament. However, with the winter fast approaching with probable trouble ahead on both lock downs and Brexit his advisors could and should be establishing him as a leader in whom we can all have confidence.

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I laughed out loud at your comment - Bravo

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Sunak's tax proposals will put a dent in his popularity, but I doubt that will benefit anyone else as the only cabinet minister showing any competence at the moment is, in my opinion, Thérèse Coffey.

Amanda Milling continues to underperform and ConHome reports that CCHQ is being downsized, reducing our ability to campaign effectively at local level or prepare for the next GE.

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I checked your posts on this website and you have only ever posted on Transgender issues.

Does Keira Bell have a Gender Recognition Certificate ?
I've read her Crowd Justice and it's a tragic illustration of the risks of treating underage people of Gender Dysphoria.

With respect to Detransitioners, the purpose of the two year living in their acquired gender is supposed to prevent patients subsequently regretting transition. If there are a significant number who regret transition after two years then the Royal college of Psychiatrists need to review their guidelines.

With respect to the drop out rate at Gender Clinics they have reported that 50% of first appointments are missed and then 50% of second appointments are missed, which is a 75% drop out rate and then during the following two years two thirds drop out. This was on the RCPSY website a while back as an explanation of long wait times for Gender Clinics.

"Medical gatekeeping" has unfortunate connotations but I would agree that Trans people need good quality, accessible, medical care and supervision, both to support them and also to reassure society at large that those people going through transition are not a danger to themselves or the public.

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I notice that you only ever post on this issue and no other women's rights issues. You would be more credible if you discussed wider women's issues and not just Transgender issues. Your anonymity may protect you from abuse on social media, but within the edited comments section of ConHome also reduces your credibility.

For example, all women candidates representing the Conservative Party, including me, have to be prepared to debate the issues of the day with our constituents and so far none of mine have raised Transgender issues either on the doorstep or in my mailbag. Whereas Child care, flexible working, equal pay, benefits are top of my list.

With respect to your comments.

The Gender recognition Act has never been challenged in law, as far as I am aware, which is a good indication that it is legally sound.

A retracted paper is a very bad evidence to support an argument. Can you find anyone with a Gender Recognition Certificate who regrets their medical treatment ?

It's obvious why it's come to this.
* LGB groups are applying the same lobbying to Trans issues as they did to gay issues and that's a mistake.
* 90% of people referred to a Gender Clinic do not complete transition.

We need to find a solution that protects our rights, and the rights of trans people who have a genuine medical need to transition.

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"We’ve been writing this fortnightly column about sex and gender since March."
How many more columns will we be receiving ?

As I have said every fortnight since March:
* There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the Gender Recognition Act
* Gays and Lesbians need to realise that Transgenders require medical treatment, which they do not.
* Self identification of a medical condition is wrong in principle and would not work in practice.
* Medical intervention in underage children needs a lot more care and attention than for adults.

It would help if Stonewall confined itself to LGB and left the T to specialist groups who know what they are doing !

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Trident, our subsidy to prop up the USA economy, should be scrapped in favour of tactical nuclear weapons that would be more use than a squadron of tanks.

The aircraft carriers make much more sense, in my opinion, as we are a maritime nation, dependent on our ability to protect our shipping routes, as well as projecting our influence beyond our shores.