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Our accountant says that we do not spend enough on R&D to justify the cost of claiming corporation tax credits.

Which is a shame as the principle is right and we would spend more on R&D if we could receive tax credits for doing so.

There have been consultants who have suggested that we "restate" our accounts to move overhead expenditure to R&D as a way of benefiting from tax credits, but I object to that on principle.

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This site is a godsend for me, stuck in one of the safest Labour seats in the country and without a local Conservative Association to discuss the issues of the day.

It would be interesting to know how much the number of comments has increased year on year as that would give an indication of the amount of interaction on this website.

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My 2017 business travels included USA, Turkey, China, Italy, Canada, Germany, and Turkey again, in that order.

Exporting products is hard, expensive and takes me away from my family, it takes multiple trips visiting customers, building relationships, setting up supply chains and processing all the paperwork.

Our exports to Europe doubled during the year, due to exchange rate advantage, common standards and ease of logistics. Our sales to the rest of the world halved, due to intense competition and conflict between European standards and American standards.

I dont bother applying for exporting aid from the DTI because of the paperwork involved. I appreciate that it's public money but the value of the support available is less than the cost of obtaining that support.

Looking forward to 2018 I expect our exports to Europe continuing to rise as long as the UK and the EU continue to progress towards a business as usual trade deal. I will be back in the USA in February, I need another trip to China but my passport expired so I need to go back through the long winded process of obtaining a visa for China. Turkey, France, Denmark and Ireland are also on my list.

That's my experience of being one of the thousands of UK businesses exporting products that create employment and wealth in the UK. My advice to Fox would be to focus on practical support for exporters and reduce the cost to businesses of using his department's services.

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I disagree, Greening has a job to do, which includes updating the Gender Recognition Act and the whole point of that consultation exercise was to allow everyone to comment on the options being considered.

To blame her for doing her job seems excessive.

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To me this is the most important take from an interesting article by Kieran.
"If we are not ambitious and don’t use Brexit to propose new and innovative ways of working, then we are not going to grasp all the opportunities Brexit presents."

One of my frustrations with Brexit is that we do not appear to be already doing this. We currently import / export outside the EU and much could be done to simplify, speed up and reduce the cost of our import / export processes and country of origin paperwork. The investment in doing so would benefit our whole economy. It's not political career advancing work, but is essential for our future as an international trading nation.

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The value of this survey, it seems to me, is in showing the May team that
* our party membership do not have a specific alternative for leader
* our party membership prefer Brexit proponents
So as long as she has Brexit proponents within the cabinet she can carry on being Prime Minister without being challenged.

I wait with interest to find out if JRM is offered a government position and if he accepts that position.

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Happy Christmas to the Conservative Home team and all my fellow commentators xx

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I agree with you, Letwin would be an excellent choice.

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I googled "The Legatum Institute Foundation" and then did a site search for "Brexit". The top article is an event dated 10th April 2017. The second article is an event dated February 2017. Their website could be better organised !

I found The Brexit Inflection Point - The Pathway to Prosperity and had a quick glance. Looks interesting and I will read it properly as I welcome informed analysis on the risks and opportunities. facing the UK as a result of Brexit. I have also signed up for their newsletter.

I am not aware of any smearing of Legatum and I doubt that it has had any influence on Brexit, but for Brexit to be a success we all need to conduct ourselves with respect. One of lessons we need to learn from leaving the EU is that we all live together on this small island and for the sake of our future generations we need to live and work together for our mutual benefit.

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The measures, as outlined at https://www.gov.uk/government/news/crackdown-on-u... appear sensible and hopefully will sort out the Leasehold mess.