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Another good article from Gawke, clearly setting out the dilemma facing Johnson.

The Lib Dems making revoke their manifesto committment means that the next GE is effectively a 2nd referendum.

Conservatives and TBP Ltd for No Deal Brexit
Labour for Brexit with a deal
Lib Dems / Green / Scot Nat for Revoke

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Europe is not just a party political issue, as it cuts across party lines.

However, we have a tried and tested solution that has been used in previous parliaments, a Free Vote.

Let each MP vote as the representative for their constituency, without it being a vote of confidence in the government,or opposition.

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I just had a call from CCHQ asking me to be in a campaign video. Apparently they read my ConHome article checked with our local area organiser and thought I would be a good illustration of how companies are preparing for a No Deal Brexit by bringing in house manufacture of materials that we currently buy from Europe.

I declined, I can't support this Johnson administration. If only Jeremy Hunt had been elected party leader and PM.

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Good article, which makes the obvious point that if the public and their representatives do not want a "No Deal" then the only way to implement Brexit is with May's deal.

The Lib Dems setting out their manifesto policy on Brexit as being Revoke, will test the electorates desire to put this all behind us and move on to our domestic issues.

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May will probably be vindicated. Her failing was in not having the political ability to sell her deal to her own party and her failure to increase her majority when she called her GE.

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Johnson was a poor choice, but I suppose we had to get him and the ERG out of our system to expose their "Brexit sunlit unplands" as unicorn thinking.

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Indeed, although I would have said that is was the Conservative party was destroying itself, rather than conservatism as a principle.

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I think it's more that the membership believe in sunlit uplands and think that Brexit will all be OK as long as we believe strongly enough that it will be OK.

That this would break up the United Kingdom is a sign that you are not believing strongly enough.

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"The expulsion of 21 MPs really has ended the Conservative Party as we have known it"

This Blue on Blue internecine war is what Cameron tried to avoid in the referendum. In ejecting those who supported May's deal to leave the EU on the 31 March Johnson risks losing a chunk of the party but also creating experienced Independent conservative candidates to stand against official Conservative candidates, thereby splitting the Conservative vote.

Fears of letting in Corbyn dont work for a revival of Lib Dems and Independents, who may well end up holding the balance of power in a future parliament unless Johnson can convert his poll lead to seats.

What those independents need is time to get organised, build a local activist operation, find an alternative to votesource, pull activists from the local Conservatives, reach out to other parties for support. For them the longer Johnson's election can be deferred the better.