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One feature of Brexit that I really like is that our politicians now have to take responsibility for our government policies.

No more blaming Europe for the consequences of the decisions our ministers take !

Personally I would be happy to have an Australian type points system with a vote in Parliament on the details of the system.

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Knowsley is the result of decades of being ignored, but last week I wrote the the other 8 candidates asking if they would be interested in forming a Knowsley Conservative Association.

I have had one, positive, reply so far and hopefully I will receive a couple more, from which we can then start recruiting members in Knowsley for the next elections.

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LGBT is just one of many Human Rights issues facing the Commonwealth.

Yes we should raise Human Rights issues and highlight the economic and social benefits of adopting and enforcing Human Rights, but we cannot tell a sovereign nation what to do.

We can and should make our International Aid conditional on Human Rights improvements in the recipient countries.

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Good to see Penny Mordaunt talking about how DFID uses our money
but the language she uses :faceplam:
That may be Whitehall civil service speak but yee gods it's not English as we know it !!

Please Penny, find a way to explain your objectives for the DFID in simple English.

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I thought that was a good broadcast, explained the position that she was in and the reasons for the airstrikes.

I am concerned about where this will take us but respect her decision.

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What were the results for Question 1 ?

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I did not intend to troll, was just looking to explore the implications of the contract.

The user agrees that all information entered onto the social media web site can be used by the site to target adverts are the user.

Has the user agreed that the site can their information from when they are not on that web site or entered onto other web sites ? Cookies !!!

Does the agreement say that the site can record your location, when you are on the site, when you are off the site ?

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What does that actually mean in practice ?

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In your analogy Royal Mail equivalents are Virgin Media and BT Broadband.

We would not require them to be responsible for what they carry, but to bar websites that refuse to comply with UK regulations / regulators as determined by ICO.

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Social media companies generate income here in the UK through advertising. Fines could be applied against that income.

Failure to pay fines could result in that website being banned from UK internet service providers, such as Virgin Media and BT, same process as used with pirate websites.