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The Dirty Girl Mud Run is not a race. It is not a workout. It is an expensive roll in the mud sold as a charity event to benefit breast cancer reasearch. You pay $75 or $80 and they give only $2 to the charity. The Idea is to get a team together, come up with a witty name, dress up funny, then get dirty. Fun? I guess so but for $80 I can think of a lot more things to do like give $40 to charity (20 times more than Dirty Girl does) and with the other $40 hire a personal trainer for an hour or take a dance class.

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Wait a minute! How is it that the CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People isn't even colored? Couldn't they have "advanced" a person with more pigment than that? And how about that name? How apt is that he is named "Been Jealous"?

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Anyone that supports these kids should also support "occupy".

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Let me preface my comment by saying that I support prayer in school. I think school administrators overreact in many cases. That being said, the principal acted appropriately this time. This had nothing to do with religious freedom or prayer. It was TEBOWING. How many of you actually watched the video before getting all irate and posting comments against the school system? In the video one of the kids says "I just thought it would be kind of funny, just a joke to us, an inside joke to start Tebowing in the hallway". Have you heard of "planking"? This is the same thing. Just a joke. But when you do it and block the hall and you are asked to not do it again and you disrespect your principal, you get suspended.

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Sugar Smacks with Diggem the frog was a rip off of

Another favorite of mine that was also taken off the market was Quisp, little flying saucers. You had to eat them fast though because they got soggy 20 seconds after you poured the milk on them.

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"Ok, you win this point. I can't find any substantial documentation on the issue."

I had to give a thumbs up on that one.

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Here is the deal on fees. You have to pay sales tax on your ticket and the airline pays that too. Baggage was included in that charge. In order to save money, airlines got creative with pricing. Have you not noticed how the air fares have plummited in recent years? In some cases, your hotel and rental car cost more than your plane ticket. Fees are not subject to sales tax because in essence, they are a tax. You come out better in the long run and if you travel light then you save even more. Carry ons are free.

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I half way agree with Bashir. I do want to hear from a candidate who has assimilated (to American values), is calm and measured. I aslo think Herman is angry (at the current administration and finantial mess), aggressive (fund raising), and assertive (he is running for POTUS! He damn well better be assertive). And the fact that he is black? Uhh, great!

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"He's an important voice for the rational side of politics"

"...for the sphere of rational thought that exists less and less in this country, he's an important voice."

That is what Seth said about Stewart but the first time I watched it I heard..."He's an important voice for the RATICAL side of politics". So when he said the second part, "...for the sphere of rational thought that exists less and less in this country, he's an important voice.", I thought that was a wonderfully creative dig at Jon Stewarts audience for being in the sphere where rational thought exists less and less, which is actually true.