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Very well said, sir.

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Laughed out loud!

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Just finished Civil War by Ken Burns.... Shelby Foote pointed out something that gave me goosebumps: Before the Civil War, we were a nation of states and said the United States 'are' this or that; after the Civil War, we began to say the U.S. 'is' - for instance, the greatest nation on earth. This nation is the most evolving and free, because of its individualism. And its individualism is tied to our Christian-Judeo principls and the independence encoded in this great nation's founders. That seed of rebellion led to our greatness. Yes, it was hard-fought. Blood was the penance paid for the struggle to achieve its greatness. But it is utterly false to suggest that the mistakes and sins were the goals of the nation, rather than hurdles jumped in the pursuit of a more perfect union. To pretend America has remained lodged in more unenlightened times, when America has only grown better and better (surpassing nations who have remained in or never tried to escape from darkness) is to a disservice for all the agents of God who have blessed her.

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Hey, I get called out for poor editing on my own blog. She's only human; it was just such a fascinating collection of gibberish that I *really* want to know what Ms. Loesch *means* us to understand in that line. Make a great week, Cowboy Logic. :-)

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Thank you, Cowboy Logic. Laughing out loud.... With all due respect to Ms. Loesch, if you hadn't pointed this out; I dreaded having to do it myself. :-)

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"‘You Don’t Deserve To Keep All’ Your Money…Says Dem Rep. Schakowsky" - Listen up! You do NOT own your labor! It belongs to the government! Demonstrate your "gratitude to Big Brother for the new, happy life which his wise leadership has bestowed upon [you]." (1984) Cuckoo....

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"KRUGMAN: Bush, Giuliani 'fake heroes' who cashed in 'on the horror'..." - What a disgusting thing to say - blaming these men who found the way to much-needed courage after the "deeply shameful" murders of thousands of innocent men, women and children during "[what] happened [on] 9/11"!

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Awesome article, Greg!

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Well-written and accurate waste of your writing talent....

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Boom! Devastating!