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Closely monitoring my daughters American History classes, and I use that description very loosely, I can tell you that there are few references to Democrats--it's always "Southerners." That's how you control the narrative.

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"what is clear is the radical elements within our society are here to stay and will inevitably be an issue we will all have to confront."

I prefer to confront them now rather than later. I'm still young enough, barely, to take this to its conclusion now, and I want my kids and grandchildren to live in a society free of this virus.

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Got gassed twice in the police academy in the early 70s. We didn't get to put our masks back on but were herded out of the shack to recover. Awful and fun at the same time. But hey, those types of experiences are an adventure when you're 23 years old.

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Hear, hear.

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Hey Bill Krystol! The air in my bubble will not be depreciating for Cain.

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I was being somewhat facetious. My post hits the points one by one. Holder doesn’t need to pull the trigger on this dirt bag—figure of speech—but the fed/state/local authorities can and should. He has either violated the conditions of his parole or committed a crime in violation of the fed/state statute. And I don’t much care which one it is. I think we’re in agreement on the salient points.

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Maybe I'm missing something or didn't read the story carefully, but what does Holder have to do with this case. If there's evidence that he violated the terms of his parole or a statue concerning felons possessing weapons, the local authorities must violate his parole or charge anew with the crimes, and take him to jail. If the judge determines he violated his parole or committed new crimes regarding a felon possessing weapons, he'll go back to prison. Pretty simple!

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What's the difference between this group having sex with animals and them having sex with each other?

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Why even bring this up, Pickles? My desire for a Cain/West ticket has not to do with race. I'm looking for definitive change and leadership, and Cain/West is both. Every person in the TEA movement knows that almost ALL of us are not racist, and denounce racism in all its forms when we see it. As for those who are racist, they were racist long before the TEA movement ever started. Besides, there are more racist among La Raza and the NAACP than there will ever be among the TEA movement, as they are exclusively raced based supremacy groups. Let's live our truth and our vision. I'm not interested in "demonstrating" my absence of racism by voting for a black man or woman. I suffer no guilt, nor do I need to atone for someone else's past deeds. I would be proud to have Cain and West as my President and Vice President.

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Cain/West 2012, I'm in.