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Actually, I think all of the major networks are going to have to move to it in the next year or so. GAN has been talking about it already and the others have been participating in the discussion. The question is whether affiliate managers and OPMs will actually use the statistics that they get from the technology to make their programs better for both the merchants and all of the affiliates (not just the coupon and toolbar ones). That's what I don't see happening.

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Very interesting! I have to say that I have been waiting to see some of this kind of analysis since Missy first wrote her post. It's not a huge sample, but it shows variation in types of products. I also wonder if part of the reason that there is less cannibalization is because this was done on 3 ShareASale merchants and SAS doesn't allow toolbars? I suspect that the numbers would be different with other merchants on other networks where toolbars and downloads are allowed to overwrite everyone's cookies. Thanks for continuing this conversation!

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The results of this are going to be huge for us. I think they are specifically calling out things like affiliate links on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. The ramifications for our industry could be pretty widespread depending upon the feedback that they get and the data/arguments behind it. We have to be smart about this. We can't just complain that if they expand the guidelines we will all make less money. That's not a persuasive argument. We have to instead talk about the expectations of the people who click on the links, what kinds of endorsements we are making, and parallels to other similar advertising (like Daniel Clark's post the other day about link disclosure

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Thank you so much for the new banners!!!!

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You know you had an interesting trip when your wrap-up post mentions everything from "little Elvis" to MST3K to bacon. LOL

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It's interesting to read this just as I am sitting down looking at an old site of mine that is great but doesn't make any money. Why doesn't it make any money? Because I didn't need it to. That's a stupid reason. I should be maximizing its potential or getting rid of it! Your post really solidifies that for me. While the sources of motivation can be varied, it always seems to come when we need it most.

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Dang it! You blew my idea. I was totally prepared to go all Kanye on Eric when he beats ME! Now I'll have to get more creative. ;)

In all honesty, thanks for your incredibly kind words. People say it is an honor to be nominated, but it still feels crappy when you lose. Even when you suspect that you probably will. But being recognized in posts like this feels pretty cool.

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I could not agree more. I get an email like this almost every week from one merchant or another. Even worse is when I get no notification at all. I can understand some merchants coming to me with a choice whether I want to promote a coupon or have a higher commission because it becomes an issue of profit and sustainability. But when they cut the commissions in half out of the blue without any rationale, it is incredibly frustrating. As a reward site, I pretty much have no choice but to just accept it. I've had quite a few of these come in where the commission was cut in HALF. If I am doing a fair amount of business with them, that's a huge drop in my revenue.

Thankfully, this is one of the only really negative things about being an affiliate marketer.

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As both a blogger and a lawyer, I really appreciate this article. I think too often people start up a blog without any thought to issues like this. They either play the odds that they won't get caught or just genuinely have no idea that these things are even actionable at law. Thanks for the reminder!

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Thanks for coming to our panel and writing about it! You are definitely right that the pop culture idea feeds right into sports as well (although that is something that I stay away from for lack of knowledge!). I am looking forward to catching the video of your datafeed session; it's an area that I have been trying to move into more and more.