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But most people have been told that the US is going to get all this oil and it will make us energy independent and gas will be a quarter again (like it was when I was a kid).

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As one energy industry consultant said, "Keystone is old news." Producers are just using other pipelines to get it to the gulf. I work, kind of, in the industry (I'm a natural gas person) and something rarely mentioned is that XL will refine the oil in the Gulf and then ship it overseas. That doesn't help us. U.S. takes all the risk and receive almost none of the benefits. Check out this Bloomberg article from the other day.

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Hmmmmm.... I'm an atheist/pastafarian, I have a red colander, and I'm over 55 (and I'm a former member of Mensa--I can't stand groups). Can I wear my red colander to a Red Hat Lady's event?? Just asking...

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I too wondered whether it was snark. Too deep for me. Did Officer Zimmerman shoot Michael Brown and citizen justice league hero Wilson shoot Trayvon? It's all the same in the end. Another dead black teenager (read thug).

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Birth Implosions is going to be the name of my next band.

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“Who has the right to take what God’s given a state?” he said.
Apparently, the correct redneck answer is: Peabody Coal co., Alpha Natural Resources, Cloud Peak energy, and Arch Coal inc (the top 4 coal companies in US).
If no one took the coal and just left it in the ground. . . well, hell, that's what we want!!! I guess we agree with Tinkerbell and Buffalo Chip.

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Yeah, now those awful billboards will come down, reminding me of the wingnut, racist, gunnutty asshole every time I go downtown. I thought I'd have to wait until after the "concert/racist tirade/gun-show" to get his face out of my field of vision.

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I'm waiting for a gun fondler in their car to panic when approached by a "bedraggled, crazy-eyed man has an AR-15 strapped across his back" and Stand His Ground. Cue raging gun battle in the intersection.

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She's right though. Given a chance, I would hope a lot of Democrats would go for Single-payer instead of this "save the insurance corporations" plan. Don't get me wrong, Obamacare is the best we could do, but one can dream.......

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In Chattaroy (where I live), it is like "those people." This is the whitest of the whitest white bread area of Spokane County. And the county only has about 2% non-whites. Chattaroy has 0%. I was driving down the street when I first moved here and saw a young black kid walking down the street alone. We drove back around a few minutes later and the youngster was on the ground being handcuffed by police with a couple white kids standing nearby. We realized that's what happens when you WWB (walk while black) in this area. Not a good introduction to my new home.