Real Deal Heel

Real Deal Heel


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Nice slimmer outfit and sucking it in. Ur still fat and disgusting Kong...we seen ur ugly ass boyfriend too.

But....she's a deece wrestler so I'm ok with long as she doesn't hurt Velvet Sky that is....

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Breaking News:

Hogan watches NFL game.

TNA contract?

More at 10.

Wow. I could run these stories drunk off my InterNetz. Ryan Clark is the worst. He's prob getting high all day making money off these wrestling websites and posts up a bunch of garbage for cheap hits. But I bet he's still not getting laid. More at 10!

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Well hey...I luv TNA and the fact they try to do good stories and real wrestling. I gave up on WWE many years ago as it's boring as shit.

As far as TNA for sale...that's believable. The ratings have been about the same before Hogan..with Hogan...and after Hogan...meaning no money is being in without growth in the company, advertisers, etc. are not gonna put money into them.

It's sad as TNA is a pretty good product but without the mass-media comglomerate type business that is WWE being merchandise, PPVs, average-Joe recognigtion I doubt they can EVER make money.

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Xavier Woods?

Ok..who? I mean hey I've watched WWF/WCW/WWE/TNA etc...but hey enough is enough....

Ex TNA star? Then anytime says WWE it's ex-Superstar...

How is EVERY NOBODY associated with WWE or TNA a Superstar or Star?

I never heard of this dude!!!

Who...what??? Is this that bi black dude from 2 years ago? I don't think so...but hell if that guy was a star or this guy. Stop the labels...most are average or suck...

May as well hand out out gold medals for 8th place for kids...oh wait..they do. Sad ass society nowadays..but even worse for wrestling websites looking for hits and meta-advertising...too bad my pop up blockers and no-scripts are blocking this shit.

Back to subject....WHO????

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Larry Z is an alcoholic and a lonely old man...bud goddamn are his drunken delusions awesome to hear...Sting would be nothing? LOL...ya ok.

I know he's besties with Scott Hall and loved seeing his drunk ass bring up Bruno in EVERY segment and rip on Flair....oh wait....loved it all. This guy needs an Internet show.

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To clarify this comment which had +6 and now only +1 with several replies...

Christ..I wanna use a Trevor voice from GTA V. I was fucking being sarcastic.

Hogan does not equal ratings but some seem to not see the dry sarcasm with running for cover and lol before poking barbs at avatars and reaching all out.

Hogan is fine IMO but does not equal ratings. Sux when you gotta clarify a text/joke/etc.

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You are both correct.

Some is two maybe at a bare ass minimum. Several is 4 or many more IMO.


Brian: Hey man, come over. I have several beers.
Eddie: How many dude?
Brian: Two.
Eddie: **** you dude.

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Justin Credible may be less credible than even Hogan. He spent the past few years cashing bad checks and worthless food stamps for his Oxy addictions.

But to be a devil's advocate:

Sting would not go WWE, but if he did maybe I'd check out their boring ass WWE stuff for a min.

As far as Hogan..he'd prob get 1 million for minimal work in a buildup for WM30 vs 2 million for having to do work in TNA.


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Dude is a legend in MMA and had his moments in WWE. I see no prob letting him come back in some role w/ TNA esp with the MMA stuff with Ortiz and Rampage.....but as far as him getting a title...WTF is he smoking? LMAO!

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Simple: Hogan = Ratings.

>>Runs for