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Either WWE or also very likely Global Force...believe me...things are happening there

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Based on the logic mentioned, this means the streak will continue for the Undertaker at this years Wrestlemania if they are plainng a Sting - Undertaker match next year.

I think there is a very real possibility that sting could sign wih JJs new promo, along with Kurt Angle and JJ Styles. WWE is dragging their feet and other events may happen.

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Dbl J's new promotion = Sting, Kurt Angle, CM Punk, AJ Styles..many new and international talents

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Thnx TNA dude...

I have been in pro wrestling for years, and know alot of the veterans who are now in their 60's and 70's . There were atremendous amount of incredibly athletic wresters even in that day who could work with the best. High flyers, great cardio, and fabulous moves.

Honestly, I want more wrestling and less "story telling". Even 40 years ago stories were told, but with alot of physicallity as well. Just less talk and more action. It's to the point where wrestling is secondary to the hoopla and showmanship.

Harley, Bruiser Brody, Terry Funk, and hundreds more could talk the talk and walk the walk. Brody once told me....there are wrestlers who are real tough guys, and then there are wrestlers who act like tough guys".

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DBL J's new promotion is going to be first class...let it go at that.

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As much as i like D;Lo, I do feel he is wrong regarding the generation wrestlers such as Harley Race. He would also be grouping in the Funks, Bruiser Brody, and many others. I have seen some unreal matches with Race and Brody, or Terry Funk. No goofy characters, just two men wrestling and beating the crap out of each other. I guarantee, there are few wrestlers in the WWE who would want to do a shoot with Harley Race or Bruiser Brody in their day. Simply stated, these men would legitimatlly hurt, and hurt badly, any current WWE wrestler. The Wyatts, Cena, none of them would stand a chance in a shoot.

I knew Brody, and I know Harley Race. These were two very tough hombres in the ring and real life, and I would have paid a high price to see them work today.

2 bb

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As I've always said, TNA was nothing more than filler until he could work his way back to WWE

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I applaud TNA for trying to bring in new talent, but MVP is really not my idea of the chosen one to make a difference. The takeover - investor angle has just been run into the ground by every promotion on the planet. Even though I work alot of pro shows, I have a hard time actually watching the product. I would really like to see something new and fresh from any of the promotions.

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While TNA production may have made the demo, I doubt if it is actually heavily related to wrestling. I think it is more of a "housewife of" style of pseudo reality.

I honestly think for this format, she wants to distamce herself from TNA

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Jeff can think, plan, or talk about forming a new wrestling company if he is still employed by Tna. He has that legal right. Actng on those thoughts or plans while still employed with TNA would probably violate his employment contract.

No matter what, you can still think, talk or plan. It's in the constitution.