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Take a look at Sylvia's collection The Colossus. Though her most famous poems are, by me, brushed aside I can't remove this small collection from my favorites.
Agreed though on T.S. - I have yet to be impressed.

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I agree - the maudlin, the vain and vague - swell up... everywhere. But Anne - at her best - as I read her drunk and outloud, tickles the ear in a way that in my heart resounds loud.

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My vote is for About Schmidt. Perhaps it won't hit everybody in the same way, but for me - though he breaks down over the letter - the fact that he breaks down reminds me of the Human Condition, of his loneliness. Reminds me of a very possible future me. A very real possibility and a very... unhappy one. Jack Nicholson under the radar.

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We are well overdue for a NYT bestseller from beyond the grave. ... Also, I wonder how many Harry Potter's have been written - And Stolen! as one's own - from a dead Abraham Lincoln (just an ordinary super-president trying to make today's youth excited about reading).

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Throughout history, amongst all the coal in the mine, survives a few diamonds of note. Now for the future looking back the diamonds will be well hid amongst the masses who get drunk and tell the internet ... how they FEEL. ... Oh, but the diamonds found may be more dazzling than the ones ever before recorded.

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It is a shame that this was not national news. At best a blurb amongst what these so-called celebrities had for dinner or whom kissed who? I was as upset we lost this man as I was in hearing the news a week later. Shame on the masses!

As for those who scoff at sci-fi: read for me Dandelion Wine and tell me honestly whether this man could or couldn't have written whatever he wanted to.