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Thanks for posting this. Congress is INSANE!

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Hey moderators! Why are some of my comments being removed? I have replies that I never got to read. I know that I haven't said anything inappropriate.

If someone replies with inappropriate content, is the entire comment thread yanked?

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I can't begin to imagine what the average work day is like for Cameron Davis (Great Lakes Czar ). I'm sure some really important stuff is being decided on (e.g. like whether there should be a uniform size and color for buoys).

I'm glad to know that my tax money was able to help create a job for Cameron.

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How do we contact the Bailout Czar, Herbert Allison Jr.? I just really want to let him know what a good job he is doing. :)

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Seems incredibly inefficient to have separate czars for Iran, the Middle East, Afghan/Pakistan, and Persian Gulf & Southwestern Asia. Oh wait, I forgot that we were talking about the BHO administration.

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I'm not very well "connected". I'm not a professional blogger, I don't have a Myspace or Facebook page, and I don't have a twitter account.

I thought that getting this message out there was the 1st step. I was probably naïve in thinking that some of the persons listed in my original post would somehow come across or learn of my message to them... and act on it. :(

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Awesome work. We need more people like you.

I love the concept of concerned citizens doing some of the investigating and dirt digging that the mainstream media refuses to do.

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I saw that President Obama has appointed approximately 32 Czars! That's more Czars than Russia has had throughout it's nation's history.

Where is the transparency and accountability in such appointments? Have you seen the titles of some of these czars? I want to know what the heck the Faith-based Czar is responsible for!

Show me where Czars are allowed in our constitution. I want to see the issue taken to the Supreme Court!

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AN OPEN LETTER TO CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO HOSTS: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Matt Drudge, Neal Boortz, Erich "Mancow" Muller, Mark Levin, Dennis Miller, Jerry Doyle, Fred Thompson, Jay Sekulow, Tammy Bruce, Joe Pagliarulo, Bill O'Reilly, and Michael Reagan

You’ve helped rally Americans before, but times have changed.

The unthinkable has happened. The liberals / progressives have control of the Whitehouse, Senate, House of Representatives, the Media, the Universities, even our financial institutions.

Corporations are being bullied into becoming slaves to the government, government power is growing at alarming speed, corruption is at an all time high, our nation is over 8 trillion in debt., special interest groups are wielding unprecedented power, and yet yellow journalism seems to be the norm.

Cap & Trade and Universal Healthcare legislation will be the last nail in our nation’s coffin, but the majority of Americans have no idea what is going on.

Conservative programs, like yours, are America’s only hope. For the sake of preserving Freedom, it’s time to join forces with your fellow conservative radio/tv hosts! For some of you, this may mean having to swallow your pride, letting go of grudges or actually working with the competition.

We need to think like community organizers and beat them at their own game (while still maintaining the moral/ethical high ground). Telling us to call our representatives isn’t enough. We need you to organize and enable your listeners and contributors to: make fact sheets/pamphlets available for printing, encourage peaceful protests, buy commercial time, create YouTube videos, overload congress with complaints, buy newspaper add space, rent space on billboards, take our government to court, get your message heard on the local news…

Time is running out for America. We cannot give up our God-granted liberty without a fight. I do not have the power or resources to do this alone. Please help us to inform and organize America!

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I'm confused too. I'm disappointed in how the discussion is being displayed and sorted. I'm sure that a large number of posts get lost... never to be commented on.

I wish that we could sort/search the postings by days, hours, user IDs, or even key words.