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This would work great with a PMV or typography, Crusader. The still image is nice but I see a lot of opportunity for movement in this song.

Great Song!!!

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Good point. It may also have to do with her hat as it might cost more to manufacture that kind of mold so it would actually be stable.

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It will attract greater interest to talented artists who have not received recognition because of a lack of good marketing.

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I agree with you. There are some people who prefer instrumentals, but those people are hard to find and the instrumentals themselves tend to be hard to identify as brony music apposed to any other music.

People look at the art posts a lot more, so it may help musicians receive more attention. I am only trying to help the musicians so that they can gain larger audiences.

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Equestria Daily is trying to bring more interest into the music section of the fandom. This will require marketing understanding in order to work.

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My Original Post
I have a two point suggestion if you even read it.

- Avoid music without lyrics. Lyrics have an advantage in how they can sustain attention.
- Try placing music (Sources) with other art to get people more interested and prevent boredom. [Use instrumentals here]

This is not an insult to people creating instrumentals. I am looking at this from a marketing perspective.

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These three races do a great job at representing how people function. Earth ponies represent people who focus on working hard to build their lives and learn. Pegasi display the loyal people who take orders and put as much effort into pleasing authority and learning from them. Unicorns represent the people who try to better themselves through knowledge gained outside real life which leads to them respecting what they consider to be facts (Ex: Starlight Glimmer believing cutie marks destroy friendship).

Each of the Mane 6 represents different levels of each trait.
Rainbow Dash: Mostly focused on impressing the Wonderbolts and listens to every word they say.
Fluttershy: Respects authority but is rarely willing to take orders outside of her comfort.(Like Unicorns)
Twilight Sparkle: Heavily involved in learning and bases almost all of her actions on what she has read or been taught.
Rarity: Utilizes knowledge she has attained but wants to build herself up and learn from experiences.(Like Earth Ponies)
Pinkie Pie: Hard working and independent. She learns a lot from her mistakes.
Applejack: Works hard for the farm but also abides by tradition and believes in following directions.(Like Pegasi)

TL;DR: All of the races are important for the balance of equestria.

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Awesome! I have seen a lot of people getting stuck only doing covers and remixes unfortunately.

Are you planning on making a career in music or is it just a hobby?

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I agree that vocalists are hard to find but I am looking at the problem from a marketing perspective. People are rarely interested in music without lyrics unless they can associate it with some other form of art.

You should probably focus on communicating with other artists and networking so that you have a strong portfolio of business connections. Blaming society or the audience will not do any good. I am not accusing you of doing this, just warning you.

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No one is angry at you, hopefully. There is just some frustration with how music is being dealt with in the fandom.

You seem decently talented with music. Do you have any original works?