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Congratulations man! This is awesome news!

P.S. LoL. Spanish only version eh? Guess it's time I took my Texican more seriously.

Yo se este articulo es un falsificacion. Buen intento mi amigos! Buenos suerte el ano que viene! Disculpa mi mal espanol.

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Acutally...I'd like one ranking as 5/5 Michelas!

Maybe another with you and Juice comicized. Maybe one with something about TQ Gaming Nights. Maybe something with the slogan "Take your TQ Shot like a man!" I'm not sure about the last one...kinda borrowing there. I suck at advertising anyway. LoL.

I'll just rotate them and post links in my sig linking back to here. I definitely want to get some up on my Playstation, CAG, and a few of my futbol profiles.

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LoL. Man...51brano has a gift and he's got you guys down. Keep 'em coming. Hopefully he'll make a TQ banner with you and Juice on it for us TQfam to use.

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Survey says....TQcast was hot!

I love the TQ Shots! You guys are hilarious...well except Juice. Just kidding man but real talk. I have two TQ Shots!

1) This is for Juice. Stop running into the end of my gun homey. You know I have no choice but to put you down. Maybe we should rename TQ Gaming Nights to El Juice Target Practice. Nevermind, he'll probably just pull a Steve519 and leave early cuz he fears me. Then it would false advertising. LoL

2) Screw every single person hating on Killzone 2! Stop crying and start praying you won't be another victim at the end of my Shotgun!

Great episode. I was glad to hear some more info about Fight Night 4. I think it's at the top of my list as far as anticipation is concerned. I've always wanted to smash some heads with Mike Tyson and finally...FINALLY..EA makes it a possibility. It's a Day 1 purchase for me. I can't wait to fight my way to the TQ Title and become the Undisputed #1 TQfan!

Thanks for the copy of FIFA 2009! I'm going to play the crap outta that game especially with the trophies coming out soon. Oh....and one more thing. Are you guys ever gonna have some banners we can post in our sigs on other forums? I want to make sure everybody knows that is the podcast to listen to.

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TQ Gaming Night was awesome and I will probably be leaving work early again this Wednesday to particpate! As long as Juice is going to be there, I can get some target practice in.

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The Basically count was seriously down. I was hoping Desz was going to get wasted. LoL. I loved the Pimp Slappin' segment. Maybe it should be called the Bitch Slap segment...seems easier to remember. Big props to Gui J and a big congratulations for finally joining the Darkside. I'm looking forward to hearing about his experiences with our sexy beast of a console. Keep it coming with those TQ Exclusives!

Platinum trophies are hard to get so the contest might need to be a little longer or you'll have people cheating like Infected (although that didn't help survive my shotgun rage in KZ2.) Maybe give people a whole month for this one. That's two shows and the deadline to enter can be the first two weeks. You can confirm the entrants o that particular week's podcast.


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Man...51brano has got you guys down to a science! I'm loving it!

A T-Shirt with one of these might be nice to sport.

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I loved the intro. I think TQ may need a new segment called "Pimp Slappin" where Juice lets all the haters have it. If you've heard the Mike and Mike "Fat Lip" segment, you know what I'm talking about!

Great podcast though. I can't wait to hear about the EA FN4 news.

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Nice list. I'll go with all exclusives for my top ten though.


9. Warhawk

8. Buzz! Quiz TV

7. GT 5 Prologue

6. SingStar

5. Resistance 2

4. Heavenly Sword

3. LittleBigPlanet

2. Uncharted

1. Metal Gear Solid 4

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DANG! That's what I'm talking about. I hope EA realizes people have more fun competing with friends than the whole world.

I like the idea of brackets and small events.