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516 weeks ago @ SmashPad - E3 2010 Podcast: On Point · 0 replies · +1 points

Fucking awesome podcast! Loving it, and a new site in 2011? omg, I can't wait! Aaah, bring it now :D

And, nice to have the podcast back - and your shit is better =P

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Haha, I found this amusing xD

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I would honestly don't even give it this high score...

This is probably the worst game in the series, even beating X-2 for that title! The endig was just, no word can describe it!

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If I actually had a Wii og DS, then this would actually be interesting, but I needed an extra comment, so I just wrote this. But no interest in the article itself (A)

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I read that this is a quite "normal" bug in a few programs, and it will fix it self the next day. Or so they say^^

Just glad I don't have a TV atm, going to borrow a big one when XIII hits the stores :D

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Well, Trophies, achievements. I don't really care so much about them, because I play games because they are fun. Not because I want to brag to my friends that I play more then them, if I want to do that I just show my steam account and how much I have played CSS xD

I think Trophies are stupid, when I played Assassins Creed 2, I laughed from almost every Trophie I got, because I didn't do anyhing special, I killed some guy that I was forced to kill (assassinate). I escaped from a place, and I got a Trophie, and I killed the final boss, and I got a Trophie.

Sure, I can show them that I have actually completed the game, and wohoo for that. But if my friends don't belive/trust me, well why should I care?

Trophies is a way to get people to think a game is longer then it actually is, they make small extra levels or details, things that don't really take long to make, but gets the players to play the game way more. But doing the same over and over again. Where is the fun?

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I still want Sonys new Dildo though :P

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*Jumping around, Anthony is back*

I can't really comment to much on this, since I haven't played Mass Effect 1 or 2, ye I know shoot me. But I liked what I read here, I'm tired of running out of ammo, having to change weapon. What they do here sounds just brilliant, and interesting aswell.

I guess I have to play both games soon, and get my own opinion and not just be a Anthony fanboy!

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This was brilliant! I kinda loved reading this, and I did laugh at the end for some reason. And I feel just joy that your posting something again!

Go Gamer2.0 :D

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I'm so happy that you guys dosen't have FFXIII here! <3