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I actually have two Alter Bridge albums. Just not really keen on their sound...sorry if you disagree with me, although to be fair I actually meant to write Creed, not Nickelback. I'll edit my review.

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Ha, I can't believe I wrote that. I actually have all their albums and have been (somewhat of) a fan for a while. Dunno how I did that. Thanks for pointing out the mistake though!

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I'm just disappointed that they didn't use MY testimonial on the site.

"- John was advanced $6,000 on his Sexual Harassment Lawsuit and now he's 110% ready to re-join's fetish section!"

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Juan is actually a new writer for the site. XD (I don't usually use text smiley faces etc., but it seems to fit well here.) I haven't written anything since the Radiohead article. I'm going to try to get on it more but starting up school has taken away too much of my time.

I appreciate you disabling Adblock. You know, I'm not sure how the whole AdSense thing works because I know people have clicked them before and yet Google tells me I have $0.00 in collections. I give up.

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I've been wondering that myself. I hope Homme does most of (if not all) the vocals. Dude's got the definition of a rock n' roll voice.

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Oh dear. The contact form is being upgraded right now and I haven't edited the page yet. Of all the days you chose this one, you bastard! Just e-mail me directly: (I'm the master of the Inter webs).

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I noticed that too. I'm also not too big on the horizontal stripes because they remind me of U2's album art for "No Line on the Horizon." But I kinda dig the image otherwise, and the fact that it's so different from all his others -- maybe the music will follow suit...

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Yes please, Mr the Cutup!

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How do you like the new layout? Better or worse, yo?

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It's funny that you'd say that, since I even made a point to mention that the show was never "revelatory or mindblowing like some of its HBO and Showtime counterparts" -- in other words, it was never a masterpiece to begin with; did you just skim the article and miss this? Because you're basically arguing my own point. As for your "wa wa I don't want the world to change" comment -- once again, I specifically stated that the concept of change for the program in itself isn't a bad thing. And nowhere in the article did I imply that the show was as good as "Freaks and Geeks" or "Arrested Development"; the point is merely that all good shows tend to have their lesser moments. Even "The Wire" had a relatively bad season. (Of course, "bad" for The Wire is probably still better than most shows.)