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A friend posted that the other day and it is eeeeeeeeeverything

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Coming up with creative new nicknames for Dillard Turnip is one of the few ways I can engage with the existence of An Orange Squished Under a Hay Bale at all.

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Thanks for the reply! That's a little like what I'm worried about. I don't think I could ever do NYC, it's too much city for me. But after my time in DC, even my childhood Portland feels a little weirdly sterile in its monoculture (albeit with a culture that more closely matches up with my identities.)

Have you had any luck searching out subcultures? (I dunno if that's even a thing when already caught up in grad school.) I run with a fairly organized and intentional group of sex-positive queer feminist kinky nerds here, and I'm extroverted enough to feel confident I could build new relationships in those sorts of circles fairly quickly. But I also know how alienating it can be to find one or two parts of that without the rest; I have nearly no capacity left for bro-dominated kink spaces, for example.

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I love the "just... run head long into the building" approach to health care (for specific definitions of 'love', at least). It's how I got on birth control as a terrified and clueless 18yo, it's still how I do most of my doctor's visits (sometimes I can even manage to call, like, an hour before I leave home/the office if I'm adulting extra well that day).

Even if they have a 'no walk-ins' policy, I'm betting on good things happening if you're able to walk up to reception and declare "I need a screening for depression, I don't have an appointment but I do have the next several hours free." Bring a great comic book and a good pair of headphones, in case there's a noisy eater in the waiting area. The worst thing that will happen is they'll make an appointment for another time, and you'll be halfway done.

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As a DC resident who has worked in electoral politics (and is therefore very comfortable doing that "call a politician's office" conversational mode), I CAN'T do this. I can write to the mayor of my very pro-gun control city. I can write to Eleanor, who I screamed support for on Saturday in the pride parade, and I'm considering that just for the emotional release of it. But fuck if that's going to count as even a drop of something.

Fuck the same fuckers who continuously fuck over half a million Americans for their own personal enjoyment (and go ahead and compare those vote lists to the ones on gun control).

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Somewhere sunny and warm but there is also a city but that city isn't terrible. My husband used to live in San Diego and thinks that it might fit that bill, but I'm still not sure. Any Toasties have compare & contrast experiences with it?

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Yeah, I've had a lot of blessings in my life re: body self-image, but the outlier nature of my height is one of them. It meant a lot of characters going "I can't believe I'm at 125 this week!" around me and my only conceivable response was "I don't know, is that a big number? A small one? That is a number that represents a quantity, I assume, but exists for me only in a philosophical void."

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I couldn't handle the 'Riveters' at the moment, because I'm still on my high horse about how 'You Can Do It' lady is not and was not a Rosie. And I don't know that the fandom would share my pedantry.

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I do not generally care about celebrity couples. I do not mean for that to sound elitist, simply that such activities are not among my interests.


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I just love it when a friend is relatively new to the fandom and I can point out that those songs are very much of the genre known as ~British Invasion~