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The train station sequence was oddly similar (in theme and visuals) to the third Matrix movie train station sequence.

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I'm interested in hearing how you think these movies encourage Christianity. I like the movies myself, but understand how people may think it encourages witchcraft, not Christianity.

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First off, I consider myself a conservative, but I think you have unfairly categorized libertarians. They don't think that people's behavior has no effect on other people, quite the contrary. What they believe is that people should take responsibility for that behavior. If (and I do mean if) you participate in an activity that in no way harms others, then the government has no right to stop you from engaging in that activity, whatever it may be. However, if your participation in that activity somehow harms others, then the government has a vested interest in protecting its citizens.

A libertarian can also have an opinion about whether something is right or wrong, or good or bad behavior. They just don't want to use the government to make people live in what you or anyone else considers the right way to live. And that is what it all boils down to: Government intervention. If you aren't proposing the government stop people from doing those things, then you might actually be a libertarian yourself. Just one with a conscience.

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"caused Joy and Whoopi to cluck-cluck-cluck off the “View” stage"


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Fortunately, my views on Hollywood aren't life and death. Life and death on the other hand...

Kidding aside, its just what I've come to expect.

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Its really unlikely that I will trust anything coming out of Hollywood to have anything but cynicism and nihilism when concerning the afterlife. I think I'll skip this one.

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Godwin's Law rears its ugly head.

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He looks so ridiculous and out of place in that photo, its actually really funny.

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Agree, Samuel L. is way overrated and always seems to be playing a caricature of his earlier roles in whatever he is currently playing. I don't know how he keeps getting cast in sci-fi/comic book movies.

And add Nicholas Cage to this list. Although I like most of the movies he has been in, I think I would have liked them better with almost anyone else as his character. He was good in Leaving Las Vegas, when he played a manic depressive alcoholic and he has never stopped playing that role since.