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wow...down to -94 because of 1 post for a contest and people voted me down, i dont like the voting system...

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this will stink with out dynamic controls, i hope they added them for the final build. But, is this still something that we need to pay for?! Shouldn't this have been in the final build?! What's next, 400ms points for dynamic controls?!

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hope i win! would love the game, i can't afford it though.

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"I'll show you a master chef...oh wait, you're master CHIef? oops...

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i would love to get this! Not sure when i could get more points, so winning is a huge PLUS!

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The demo is not bad, graphics are awesome, co-op rocks. Definiately will get this! my only complaint is that there is no dynamic combat. you can't move and shoot and let's be honest, if zombies are chasing me, I am not going to stop, aim the gun, then shoot. i am going to blast as i back away. Also, hope the game gets harder. I love a challenge.

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Love the site, love the contests! keep up the good work!!!