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Been lathering with pride since 1981. All One!

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Actually, it was "sitting downtown in the railway station, one toke over the line." But I am old and I digress.

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Hey! I remember Stuckey's! There's an abandoned carcass of one you can still see in between Austin and San Antonio on I-35.

I don't ever remember seeing anyone nuts enough to walk in with weapons, though. Would have been frowned upon by my Southern Baptist grandmother. And her bevy of bag-wielding church ladies.

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Don't send any more of that wacky shit down here. There are a few self-respecting San Antonians left. We have too much of it to wade through as it is.

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Somewhere in Detroit, a campaign manager and/or organizer are furiously sending out resumes. Whether they remember to include stamps or press the "send" button remains to be seen.

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Obama WIN!

He's got it down perfect--how to be intellectual, aloof, and 'not immediately interested in sex' enough to charm his way around any smart girl's panties or bra clasps.

This sort of intellectual pettifoggery makes college English majors swoon. Which is part of why I majored in history.

But if he really is this darn smart, why all the caving in to racist inbred flat earth toadies? And banks, wtf?

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Some of them were shouting "This is what a police state looks like..."

Eminem was right:

[Time to] "...lead the march right up to The steps of congress, and piss on the lawns of the White House, to burn the casket and replaceIt with a parental advisory sticker,
to spit liquor in the faces of in this democracy of Hypocrisy, fuck you Ms. Cheney,
fuck you Homeland Security, fuck you with the freest of speech this
Divided states of embarrassment will allow me to have, fuck you
He, hahaha, I'm just playin' America, you know I love you..."

I'm going to mix a drink and...I don't know what. Maybe go camp out.

We cannot allow it to end this way.

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Sorry that the above's not funny. Is it time to put the bankers up against the wall yet? Are we at that point in the revolution?

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The reason the cops, public and private, aren't joining is they believe that by doing what the cool kids want, they'll get to be one of the cool kids.

They have as much chance as every failed cheerleader ever in any American highschool. Or the same chance as Dave Chappelle of getting into certain country clubs, other than in a menial capacity. Just because they let you work for them, doesn't mean they like you. But the cops and the cheerleader dropouts want to believe--they want to have hope that they, too, can be part of the 1%, as opposed to the great unwashed.

I hope everyone of the arrestees sets their case for trial, files Motions to Quash, and makes NYC pay for this idiocy. But I'm a Texas lawyer, so I may be using the wrong local jargon.

Occupy San Antonio had a huge police contingent on Saturday, but many of them were openly friendly. Some nights they have had minor problems, but largely the police have been neutral.

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Soylent Green is made of People!