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I used to be sort of a big deal. Elebenty billion whore diamonds and such.

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I'll just chalk the bad decision up to all the blow I had at work that afternoon

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So I have one friggin' cigarette in six months and it's posted all over the intertubes. Now I know how Obamerz feels.

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As much as I want this to be real, apparently this might be a greenpeace hoax.... Something tells me Shell wouldn't have included the Titanic in the stock images. F U greenpeace, I'm going to go kill a whale.

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B.B. King?

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Yea, I used to live in Lake Jackson. Not much there. It was kinda fun to drive down to Surfside Beach every weekend, but that got old. I always thought that in addition to This Way, That Way, Circle Way and Parking Way, they should have made Curds 'n Way. Surprisingly, Ron Paul wasn't my rep until Texas redistricting was forced though by in 2002. My representation switched from Tom Delay to Ron Paul... yeah... at least in Ron Paul's district you got a birthday card every year.

This Way and That Way:

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I would be thrilled if John McCain and Joe Lieberman went to Afghanistan forever.

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So in 60-70 years, I'm assuming the descendants of these assholes will be dressing up as Osama Bin Laden and reenacting, for HISTORICAL PURPOSES, roadside bomb attacks.

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Rick Sanchez has to think to breathe.

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I'm not mean enough to trot out insults regarding Meghan McCain quoting a song by a band called "Big & Rich".