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WOW! That's SOME HONEYMOON! LOL! Bet it was fun taking off her dress to put on the "uniform"....LOL! And, I have no doubt officers had fun patting her down!!! WOW!

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WAIT...wasn't that one of the many GREAT reasons the majority voted for Obama?.....he PROMISED to get our troops out! Oh geesh, forgot he promised ALLOT of things!

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I WOULD NOT want to be in his shoes when judgment day hits!

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I just wish there would be a load speaker to announce what he did as he enters into jail!!!!

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I AGREE! He should get life or at least AT LEAST 1 year a boy! (96 yrs)......unreal. UNREAL. He's LUCKY it wasn't my boy!

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OR CASTRATE HIM and send him back where he belongs if he is an illegal!!!!!!!!!!! Why should we have to pay to feed him?

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FYI you have SO MANY thumbs up because that is such a great and TRUE LINE!!! -for many of us if in that situation! LOL!

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PLEASE JUST SHOW THE JURY HER MUG SHOT! No doubt it will help her get MORE prison time!

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I actually drove there today and looked at it. Quite a few of the houses damaged were older homes and I don't know of the reality value, but majority were not nice new homes. The plumbing shop was the worst but it was not torn to the ground either. It looked like mainly roofs of homes were needing repaired. Don't get me wrong though, there were a couple that had exterior damage as well. It was easy to spot damaged homes by the blue tarps on the roofs! We followed most of the path.

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I feel sorry for the landlord if she rents.