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-Insert sarcasm-

Obviously, we need to ban the word "fat" from the English language. Evidently, it is way too offensive in todays society.

Isn't this the new in thing? I mean Moochelle Obummer is out telling us we need to be worried about obesity. The New York mayor is banning sodas, salt and trans fat etc. and he's not the only one. It's been an epidemic (banning fattening things) all over the US. This teacher/school is just catching up with the new in thing. I don't understand what all the fuss is about. Obviously, kids don't need to learn how to spell words so offensive as this.

-end sarcasm-

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We are so hosed. Gas tax increase will now be $.25 and not $.10 per gallon. Vehicle license fees will be back up to $800 for a Yugo. We will be California in 5-years.

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I was going to write something but forgot what I was going to say...

Just kidding! My Grandfather suffered from Alzheimer's for 20-years. It was terrible to watch and my Dad is starting to show signs. I'm glad they are making some progress in finding some help for people with this terrible disease.

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Holy smokes! Did they really need to do that? The food is bad enough to pop you off.

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My feelings exactly.

Ever since Mayor McSchwinn had the windows in his home busted out during the May Day riots, he's started and I mean started, to sing another tune.

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You mean to tell me that's the best foot Pierce County Transit can put forward? WOW!

At least the guy has plenty of time on his hands to write something.

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If he wanted to check out, why did he have to kill his wife and daughter? Obviously, this guy had some mental health issues.

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It's never a good idea to loan any motor vehicle to anyone. Court cases hold the registered owner liable. If you loan your car out and they stack it up, YOU get sued. That's why the registered owner is documented on any police report. Who knows about Canadian law... I'm with Howard on this one. She must have had an air tight alibi, ah.

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It's George Bush's fault???

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Note to self: make sure all of my wireless accounts are password protected. I guess I better call my IT guy.