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I'd say his suggestion that we're exchanging an "honorable man" for her is pretty cheap.

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I'm sorry - I can't support you and Atchison piling on Ignatieff like this. If his punditry was that useless, why did he keep doing it?

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I support MMP proportional representation to allocate federal seats by province. This is only surprising because you've made unfounded assumptions about my political beliefs.

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Yep. It's a set-back, but losing a job doesn't require you end your career.

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No, out-manoeuvred means he was going door to door while his opponent was using the phone.

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I heard they wanted an opposition that got results for Canadians.

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Why do you need to apologise to angora? Are you afraid it's going to get you if you offend it? How deep does this angoraphobia run? No-one can help you until you admit you have a problem...

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You call that hyperbole? It was about as over the top as a burrowing ant's underarm sweat. My hyberbolic kung fu is mightier than your hyperbolic kung fu.

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Let's assume the leadership asks you to show up and make some noise in the House for some vote or other. Do you show up and make some noise and save your arguments with the leadership for a substantive policy issue dear to your heart or do you spend your political capital arguing against showing up and making noise? Question Period is a mess but it's not the most important mess the country needs to address. If you can do both, great. But let's be realistic - the news clips are still going to show QP and the two sides will still have to show their voters that they're in there fighting for them, or whatever slogan the parties use over the next four years.

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I agree with LKO, while these changes may or may not be good, Philippe Gohier is history's greatest monster.