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In other words, a bigot is a bigot is a bigot, regardless of the details.

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I saw Rand Paul on TV last night. My reading of what he said was that there should not be any LGBT workplace protections because:
1) employers will likely violate them
2) employees will then sue
3) and we can't have that!!

In other words, the best way to avoid lawsuits is to eliminate the laws so employers don't get into trouble for violating them.

And for good measure.... he's not getting out of the presidential race, all the more so just because everyone is pressuring him to do so.

Stick around, Rand. You're so good at helping to scramble that GOP egg.

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OK, so a "meeting" doesn't necessarily imply a physical presence.

We're down to:
1) They set up a highly-secure diplomatic video conference channel that the Chinese couldn't hack
2) The Vatican decided to take the high road, act with grace, and not call the lying bitch's lying lawyer a liar to their collective faces.

Hmmmm, tough call

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Completely apart from the obvious "why" .... when , where, and how was this supposed meeting supposed to have occurred? With all the world's media swarming all over both of them, they're gonna sneak off by themselves unnoticed? .... either from or to freakin Kentucky?


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Google lets you focus your search on any site as follows:

site: [search string]

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That seemed out of nowhere, or is it a hollow victory that will be quickly brushed aside by the Bundestag?
Does Merkel have veto power or enough dirty-tricks clout to enforce her views on the coalition?
As I understand it, the public is supportive, which puts Merkel somewhere in Julia Gillard land.

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Isn't that like having a flag-burning party on the 4th of July?
Or maybe they're just trying to celebrate their freedom of stupidity speech.

Like Rachael Maddow said the other night: "Thank you, News Gods, for making my job so easy by bringing us all these wonderful events so we don't have to go hunting for new material. It just falls into our laps every day."

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Wow, that just starts to make KY and AL look a little bit sane. This is so batshit that it cannot be anything more than a couple of losers trying to get reelected. In some districts, idiocy pays. But could they have at least found a competent author that pretended to present something better than F* the Supreme Court?

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Isn't that tantamount to Davis saying "I am consciously and deliberately refusing to allow the issuance of licenses that I consider to be valid"? I'll kind of close my eyes to these phony ones, but you won't get any legitimate ones of this office.

If I were the judge, I toss her back in the slammer until the unedited, state designed and authorized licenses were issued to everyone. I don't see how she gets to change the forms.

If she just edited the licenses and kept her mouth shut, the judge might let it slide. But now she seems to be thumbing her nose at the judge. I'd haul her in and tell her to "stop screwing with this court.".

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e) All of the above.

Davis and her breed are among the worst to walk the face of the earth.... all the more so because of the blatant dishonesty and hypocrisy rolled into the mix. Sane Republicans, like John Kasich recently, are starting to call them out for ruining the image and credibility of Christianity. He may still be an exception, but it shows that the religio-nuts have really begun to overplay their hand. And once they lose that veneer of automatic respectability, like in Ireland, they will never get it back.