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Thailand is set to enact civil-unions legislation, according to Asia Times. The junta is reportedly preparing a bill that will extend legal recognition to same-sex couples by the end of the year.

The bill that the Thai government is expected to pass will lead to a civil partnership act that recognizes same-sex unions. Existing law only recognizes heterosexual marriage and does not allow an individual in a same-sex relationship to receive the body of a dead partner, nor does it provide the same rights in regards to inheriting the partner's assets.

The military government aims to pass the bill before the next general election, slated for as early as next February.


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Now it is almost official. Collins and Manchin are voting Yes, which should give Kavanaugh 51 votes. Murkowski will vote No. Ironically, Collins's long speech, which emphasized his supposed moderate positions, would have dissuaded Republicans from voting for Kavanaugh if they thought she was telling the truth.

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Yes, we need to be worried, but we should not panic. And we should be motivated to vote and work like hell to get a Congress that will check Trump and stop his packing of the Courts.

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The vote was on cloture. It was not on his elevation to SCOTUS. Collins and Flake and Manchin (and anyone else) can change their mind on the final vote, though admittedly it is not likely. Kavanaugh is a horrible choice and he is unsuited for the Court, but it is not certain that he will reverse Kennedy's legacy on gay rights.

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IN a conference on the Appropriations Bill, an anti-gay amendment that would have permitted child-placement agencies to discriminate against gay couples has been stripped away.

On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives agreed to a conference report — ironing out the differences between the Senate and House versions of the government funding bill — from which the potentially harmful amendment was excised.

The so-called “Aderholt amendment,” introduced by U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Ala.), was passed on a nearly-party-line vote in July, with U.S. Rep. Scott Taylor (R-Va.) being the only Republican to vote against it.

Had the amendment stayed intact, it would have allowed adoption and foster care agencies — even those that accept taxpayer dollars — to claim a religious objection to placing children with same-sex couples, as well as heterosexual couples and single parents who could potentially be discriminated against based on a number of characteristics, including their religion, disability, political beliefs, or marital history.

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What a case! Why haven't we heard of it before? I am very happy that Thomas Hamm has received a portion of justice, but what happened to the corrections officers who assaulted him? Apparently nothing. These bastards need to have been fired and prosecuted for assault.

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Thanks for the clarification. Obama will be eulogizing McCain this morning. I did not go to the link (where the quote is attributed to Obama's eulogy for Beau Biden) and wondered if Obama had released his remarks ahead of the event this morning, which would be pretty unusual.

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The U.S. Supreme Court declined on Thursday to force the city of Philadelphia to resume the placement of children in need of foster care with a Catholic agency that refuses to accept gay couples as foster parents.

Three justices, Gorsuch, Thomas, and Alito, would have granted the requested injunction from the Catholic adoption agency.

Apparently, Chief Justice Roberts joined the four liberals in refusing to grant the injunction.

Read more here: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-court-lgbt...

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I will never forget the tantrum McCain threw when his filibuster of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal was finally broken. He ran around the Senate like a chicken with his head cut off. It was embarrassing and revealed something about the man that is very different from the "civility" mentioned in the lgbtq nation article. I also remember that he and Miss Nancy flat out lied when they said that no one was then being discharged for their sexual orientation when in fact they were. He also lied when he said that he would support whatever the Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended. The Don't Ask, Don't Tell debate was not his finest moment. It was as though he took it very personally that Obama's military officials were not paying him the deference he thought they owed him. It also seemed that he was startled when the study of the military personnel reported that a huge majority had no objection to serving with openly glb personnel and that lifting the ban would increase unit cohesion rather than hurt it..

Fortguy, I am not sure what you mean when you say that McCain finally came around to supporting us. On what do you base that statement? Barbara Bush certainly did. She and President George H.W. Bush attended a couple of same-sex weddings and Laura Bush revealed that she supported same-sex marriage, but as far as I know neither McCain nor George W. Bush have ever indicated any support for gay people.

[Since writing the paragraph immediately above, I have noticed a statement from the Human Rights Campaign, which credits McCain for the following: "later in his career, he became an increasingly vocal advocate for LGBTQ servicemembers. In the last few years, Senator McCain blocked anti-LGBTQ language in the National Defense Authorization Act, opposed a ‘license to discriminate’ bill in Arizona, denounced the Trump-Pence Administration's effort to ban transgender troops and spoke out against the nomination of the anti-LGBTQ Mark Green to lead the Army.” Perhaps these are the actions referred to by Fortguy? I was unaware of them, but am glad to hear of them.]

Despite his blindness on our issues, McCain was a hero, an honorable person, and a patriot, unlike the current occupant of the White House.

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OMG. Always nice to hear about your personal life, Rick, but I am now beginning to think that it is not only exciting, but also charmed. So happy your flight out of Haiti made it to safety.