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Lawsuit by Elmira, NY photographer challenging New York's public accommodations nondiscrimination laws on religious grounds has been dismissed by a federal judge. Account of case, including the judge's decision, may be found here: https://www.mytwintiers.com/news-cat/local-news/j...

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The video is wonderful. Is that Bianca del Rio emceeing the drag show? And the beagle is so sweet.

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The White House has condemned the "repugnant" comments by Robinson.

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The Swiss have voted in favor of same-sex marriage by a 60.4 percentage majority.

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Glad to know this. I wish I was certain that Manchin and Synema would do the right thing.

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Thank your for this heartfelt post, which perfectly sums up the vileness of this man and the damage he did to so many of us.

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Alas, the judge granted her request to vacation in Mexico.

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Good question as to why her estate continued to pursue the appeal. I suspect that she was simply a nominal plaintiff who enabled a larger anti-gay organization (the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms may be a Canadian version of ADF) to use her to establish standing on the issue.

What I find surprising is why it took so long to get such an obvious decision. There were many such cases in the wake of marriage equality coming to Canada in the early years of the century and they reached the same resolution. In Canada it is a no-brainer since marriage commissioners were established in the first place in order to enable people who were not religious to get married.

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Yes, Biden's victory was overwhelming. He received by far more votes than any presidential candidate in American history. Yet, at the same time, the victory was precarious, given our antiquated and undemocratic electoral system. If fewer than 100,000 votes in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada, had switched, the vote in the electoral college would have been far closer than it was. We really need to reform the electoral college.

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As Rick predicted would happen, SCOTUS has denied Cert in Box v. Henderson, the Indiana case about including same-sex parents on the birth certificates of their children.