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The 3.5m tests are for NHS and the rekey workers.

This must NOT include MPs and members of the House of Lords

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The right to think.

And to express our thoughts.

People should not be at risk of losing their jobs because they say that men and women are different.

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Excellent article.

The Conservative Party needs alignment between:
- Members
- MPs
- Cabinet
- Party Leader

Without this alignment the party cannot function. Previous disagreements over policy were resolved by trade-offs and compromises. But that won’t work for Brexit.

The membership is changing itself - by walking away!

A new party leader needs to prioritise on changing MPs and CCHQ. They should require all MPs to be reselected to achieve alignment between MPs and members in every constituency. The Party Board also needs to be aligned with the 2017 manifesto commitment to leave. Then the Party would be ready for a General Election. Even with a Leave candidate in every Leave supporting constituency, some seats would be lost to the Brexit Party, but many more would be lost by Labour as they become explicitly a Remain party.

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A quick improvement post-Brexit would be to exempt all small businesses that neither import nor export (I.e. about 85% of all UK businesses) from all regulations that came from Brussels directives without an explicit U.K. Act of Parliament. I estimate that would be about 75% of all regulations since 1989. Thirty years of red tape cut overnight

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Temporary state support of an industry, or an individual firm, can make a lot of sense. Restrictions on state aid is a policy tool, not a goal to be pursued slavishly, rigidly, in all circumstances

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The Westminster machine has failed and is evidently no longer fit for purpose.

THE priority for a new democracy must be freedom.

The freedom for the people of the UK to choose who represents us. And to hold those representatives to account.

The freedom for the people of the UK to choose who lives within our borders. And the laws that everyone living here has to follow.

The freedom for the people of the UK to choose what relationships we have with other sovereign countries. And the freedom to choose to change those relationships.

That’s freedom! Democracy must be government of the people of the UK, by the people of the UK, for the people of the UK.

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Can the motion at the National Convention be amended.

From 'We therefore with great reluctance ask that she considers her position and resigns, to allow the Conservative Party to choose another leader, and the Country to move forward and negotiate our exit from the EU.'

'We therefore deselect her as leader with immediate effect, and instruct the Chairman of the 1922 committee to commence a leadership election. Mrs May is welcome to contest that election.'

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90% of UK businesses neither import nor export. There is absolutely no need for them to waste time reading, let alone following, millions of pages of EU regulations. How many million? Last time I looked I seem to remember it was over 5,000,000 pages. But that was a while ago.

Remaining in the Customs Union and Single Market does nothing for our imports and exports with the rest of the world, which is most of them and growing much faster.

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There was nothing wrong with putting the question to a referendum.

The damage to our democracy since then is due mainly to the Remainers. Not accepting the result was their right. But their tactics since have been appalling, their obsession with the E.U. being put ahead of any concern for democratic principles. Notably voting for triggering Art 50, and signing up for the 2017 GE manifestos when they didn’t support them. And most meretricious of all, claiming that May’s Withdrawal Agreement is Brexit.

May’s utter ineptitude has allowed them to get away with it. But then she is a Remainer too.

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Leaving the E.U. is more important than the squabble between varieties of capitalism, socialism and liberalism.

Unless we leave, the U.K. will cease to exist as an independent sovereign state. Indeed cease to exist at all as a political entity. Scotland, Northern Ireland are to be amalgamated with Ireland, Brittany and some Nordic areas into ‘Atlantic Region’: Wales and half of England is planned to merge with half of France. The rest of England and the Channel Islands will be merged with Belgium and Netherlands into a political entity called something like North Sea or Greater Zealand. Each with their own Assembly.