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"One of the problems we’re going to face in the future is that the government has no real standards in terms of computing."

Is this really a problem for the citizen though? I WANT the gubbmint snoops to be completely uncoordinated and unable to communicate with itself when it comes to my information. Or do different levels of (important) snoops have more or less cohesive platforms for spying?

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We just got back from rompies in the heavy pouring rain!!!! It was great!!! I am soaked!!!!! We found a Carhart jacket too!!

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In situations like this one, do you tell the store owner about the tone of the to-be published article and that in protest you took your name off? It seems that this is a terrible way for your name to be damaged in the community, so how do you mitigate that?

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Man, we really need a Crasstalk potluck to be held mid-June (Summer Solstice!!) somewhere in Missouri or wherever "The Middle" is so we can eat all our treats and drink and get fat and have lots of fun.

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Bens you are the man!!

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hehehehe. That'll wake you.

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You can also drink a bottle of Gatorade right before bed. The electrolytes will rehydrate your brain while you sleep. If you aren't conscious before bed drink it upon waking. However, Pedia-whatever baby drink is gentler on the stomach the morning after. It's all about the electrolytes as others have written.

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Fuck yeah Triumph!

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Those are some fine, fine threads and some fine, fine men.