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Well I think I might turn up and throw eggs, after all recent egg throwing at Westminster at the BNP was deemed not a crime and done in front of the media spotlight under the noses of the Police! Any of my South Wales Brothers want to join Liverpool in a little video venture. We now have hidden cameras brothers! ;)

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"When I first heard of this I couldn't help thinking about the "pink elephant" experience in the series "Rab C Nesbitt". So funny."
What you mean this scene;

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HELSINKI (AP) -- A gunman clad in black went on a shooting rampage Thursday, killing his ex-girlfriend then slaying four workers at a suburban shopping mall near Helsinki before apparently turning his gun on himself, police said.

Finnish police said one woman and three men were shot dead Thursday morning at the Sello shopping mall in Espoo, six miles (10 kilometers) west of Helsinki.

The gunman was identified as 43-year-old Ibrahim Shkupolli, an immigrant who had been living for several years in Finland,

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To all the Jews who might read this, I am a BNP candidate. I have also worked for the IDF Air Force when my other British colleagues worked for Saudi Arabia on twice the money I was on. I have had to dodge the bombs with my Israeli friends and now when I get back to the UK I'm called anti Semitic? Jews have nothing to fear under a BNP Government, those who control banks however do!

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Merry Chritmas Simon and if we don't get in power soon then I fear this is the best we can hope for in future for Christmas

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I live in a middle class area in Liverpool. I have stood in my ward and the council estate ward next to me. The most vocal support was from the council estate but only 23% of them bothered to vote at the last election and I got 8.9% despite two leaflet runs, a freedom paper for every household and canvasing. In my middle class ward, one leaflet and I got the highest BNP result on Merseyside 21%. It is my opinion the working class don't vote. When we went collecting signatures to stand in Speke we discovered 80% of BNP members in Speke aren't on the electoral registar. All ducking and diving CSA, council tax etc etc, "errrr yer know warits like der lad"

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I replied with this:-
Sat, 12 Dec 2009 19:06 GMT

Mr Griffin (BNP MEP) said he agreed with Mrs Hodge when she said British people should be given priority over migrants.
I commend you in flying in the face of public opinion and look forward to the extra votes it will garner me at the next election. Thank you for that and before you spout the usual racist slurs, I'm in a mixed race marriage and your tired old rhetoric is wearing thin with the public.
Tony Ward (BNP Candidate Halewood)

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They blame the far right with no proof, If I blamed Muslims with the proof of what it says they would be outraged! How long before 911 and the London bus and train bombings are blamed on the BNP. I can see it now "Far right BNP force Islamic backlash" The posion that runs this country shocks me, when will the people wake up?

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I used to be schizophrenic, no I didn't, yes I did!