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Normally we would write an analysis when there's new video material. But it's the holiday season and the release of new episodes is extremely imminent anyway, so this time we didn't.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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I was wondering when someone would accuse me of that. If the fact that all (or almost all) the non-episode youtube takedowns got reversed right after my initial article isn't enough evidence for you, you can join the Funtasia Daily discord and scroll up for half a year to see me dropping some information about episodes that had yet to air at the time.

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We did that for a while and would have preferred to continue to do so in order to allow as many people as possible to see the episodes, but we agreed not to as a part of an agreement to resolve the situation with extremely wide-reaching YouTube takedowns. Having episode links here would as far as I know not constitute infringement in and of itself and would help build interest in the show when episodes are immediately available at a place where they are visible to many people, but cooperating with this request was worth it to us considering the negative effects the takedowns were having. We might re-evaluate this policy in the future, but this is how we're approaching it right now.

There are still episode uploads up out there, but you will have to find them elsewhere for now, sorry.

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Right now I would personally be very careful when it comes to anything that could be reasonably construed as constituting a full episode, including reaction videos that react to a full episode as it is running. Even though things should be far better than before, their policy is still only defined in very broad outlines right now. It will likely become more clear in the future where exactly they feel like the line should be drawn.

As for the other questions here, I hope to answer them all and more in a longer post soon, but I am still waiting to hear back from them about if there is any information in our discussions that they do not wish me to share publicly. (which I should really have asked them in person, but I didn't think about it at the time)

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I considered for a while whether this could be the result of a troll posing as Dracco, but it seems very unlikely to me. The contact email uses their domain which they used for all their old info emails like the contact address for their apps. It seems unlikely that a random troll would be aware of this.

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As far as I know, no actual episode uploads have been deleted yet, but as a safety measure we will only be linking Dailymotion uploads for now.

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No, your comment got stuck in the IntenseDebate spam filter, and I didn't notice until now.

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I was wondering how you managed to find it considering that B-Water has next to no Google presence - a very lucky find indeed! Also, I should probably check Fillychan more often.

I'm guessing that the actual animation is at least partially done in-house, since we believe that Dracco has multiple 3D modelers/animators working on Filly Funtasia in-house now. However, it seems that the only people they have working on Filly Funtasia in-house are 3D modelers/animators, which means that the rest of the work is done elsewhere or that our research is incomplete.

As for quality - if anything, I think it's improved. And not just because the video quality is better, but also because stuff like the shading looks like it's improved to me. There are some scenes in Promo 5 which also exist in this new promo (Promo 6?), and the differences are quite noticeable when you pull up the same frame on both promos side by side.

As for the bronies, well, there's nothing wrong with informing people who might be interested that this project has just showed some signs of life. Though personally I am going to hold off on trying to get the attention of the wider MLP fandom until FF's release seems to be imminent.

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I can see now how my send-off was a bit confusing. What I meant was "see you again in the next year's anniversary article when we can look back at this one" - I wasn't trying to imply there wouldn't be articles prior to that.

"Soon" is when we have finished the research and the writing. We've done a bunch of research already - and we've found some interesting things relating to B-Water besides the video itself to talk about. Now we need to get it into text form, and we generally take a lot of time polishing articles. (since Filly Funtasia has been so incredibly slow moving, we sort of feel that it's okay to take our time with stuff like that)

The trademark is a joke I stole from the Blizzard fandom which they use to poke fun at Blizzard's neverending delays. I think they probably stole it from the Valve fandom though.

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Hoooooly crap! Wow!

Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.