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Lol, I bet if Lauren said she had a hand in this episode it would be hailed as the best episode in the series.

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Actually she's a hippie. It's from her comic's cover.

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Oh yes. Perhaps the lords of Hasbro will allow a comic to be made, should the idea be pitched to them? The Maneiac and her henchmen drawn in Andy's style would be a sight to behold.

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Weeell I wouldn't call the Mane-iac "dumb" she did build the effective spray, the hair dryer laser thing, and also owned a corporation before her accident, so she's not stupid. Of course, she is also crazy which gives her twisted logic. Sure, dismissing Hmdrum as a credible threat was a bad idea but Spike wasn't actually supposed to be there so if Humdrum remained Humdrum, she would have most likely fulfilled her plan.

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Not wanting to experience the glorious crazy horse.
Your loss mate.

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Yes, yes! More love for crazy horse!

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Oh yes, I'm going to really miss Rarity's constructs. They just worked so well. And yes, I don't think the comic is dangerous at all, in the case someone is defeated they'll most likely pop back out. Oh well, it's their fault if they are defeated. No refunds!

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Oookay just watched the episode.
Personally, I had lots of fun with it.
I absolutely love the Mane-iac, she's probably my favorite villain now, her ultra hammy dialogue and batshit crazy behaviour were highly enjoyable. That and being basically a mix of the Joker (completely insane) and Doc Ok (the tentacle mane and using/building odd weaponry).
I liked how Spike was handled and Rarity absolutely shined here, an artist with a very creative mind having the ability to conjure constructs akin to one of the lantern corps fits her perfectly, and she makes use of it in funny and clever ways.
Fluttershy's Hulking out moment was as ridiculously over the top as I thought it would be.
One complaint I have was that, well, it ended pretty quick. I think THIS would have worked great as a movie, or at least a two parter. Detailing the power ponies and the Mane-iac and henchmen more would have made them even better.
FIM has always been a slice of life show, and this is the first season with a more overarching plot line. I think making more two-parter arcs would honestly allow for more detailed storylines. I personally am hopefull that such arcs become a reality (in this season or potential future ones).

I am really going to miss these abilities, they are far more interesting than the elements of harmony and they each fit the ponies so well.

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Nightmare Rarity isn't Rarity, but the nightmare taking control of her body.

And you keep shouting about disrespect, when the Rarity comic from the micro series was one of the best pieces of pony material.

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Heh, I have a similar list myself. Luna's comic will probably be up there with Rarity's and Big Mac's (I know it was part of the main series but I usually group it with the micro's since it's similar in style.)