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This happened once to me. Data corruption can do strange things to your village, and my guess is that you could lose it all if you don't go back in time. The restore feature is limited to a certain number of days, so don't wait. If you wait, then all your backups might have corrupt data, too.

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I love the statement that your smurfs are retired! Great visual I have, thinking about your smurfs just flying planes and riding critters all day long :)

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Stroumpfette, your comments and explanations have been helpful and interesting. I will miss reading your posts. Best wishes to you! Thanks for the time you invested in this site.

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Wow people are all over the map with this one. I'm guessing that BeeLine, after attempting to give a great Christmas gift to their players, is heaving a mighty sigh as they read the complaints.
To me, that is the point. Whether or not I love Poet, and whether or not I want to make room for him in some bright (or remote) spot, what has actually occurred is we have been given a gift.
Personally, even if I'm not especially fond of a Christmas or birthday gift, I still say thank you to the giver, AND I sincerely do appreciate the time and effort they spent selecting that gift, paying for it, and wrapping it for me to open.
On Christmas Day, when I tapped that Smurfy gift-wrapped box to open it, I was VERY surprised that BeeLine gave me a Smurf! I didn't have to earn it by leveling up, nor did I have to spend those earned coins, or precious smurfberries. BeeLine created a quaint home for this new smurf, and the soft colors look wonderful when I placed some of the newer lavender shrubbery around it.
And I really do appreciate a game developer who takes the time and effort to say "thank you" for my business by creating something new, and giving it to me for free.

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This is the kind of update that keeps players coming back for more. It's got surprises, a smurfy wonder, a new tool (vacuum cleaner), new special effects (winter weather machine), and a new smurf (with game). There are also tons of new decorations, for coins and smurfberries, in a variety of sizes, colors, and purposes. Most of the holiday decor looks like it will stick around, with the only disappearing items related to the snow (fine with me, I live with snow in my backyard half of the year). Well done, Bee-Line!! My smurfy village is bouncing with energy once again :)

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iOS is live, but I'm not updating for awhile. It's snow. Every year, the holiday update plunges my village into the cold, snowy, low-daylight days that I live with here in this northern climate. So I don't go there with my smurfs until curiosity about the new update gets to me. But until then (at least a week!), me and my smurfy village will stay where it's green and sunny.

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With the recent update, my smurfs are getting sawed in half now! About one in five times of playing the Magician trick.

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I cant believe I've been playing this game for so long, either. Started over three years ago, and I haven't missed many days in all that time.
About the statue: its greeting the boat passengers as they arrive to the mainland. It's kind of large... :)

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This post reminds me that it's been a long time since I bought the Saw Smurf In Half trick, and I've only had it work ONE time! I know its random, and it's not supposed to work every time, but in all these months, with daily play, waiting to do a trick until a Smurf is walking by, Magician Smurf continues to pull out his flowers on stage and ignore the saw table I placed for his other trick :)

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Finding those fossil bones is so finicky. After a long drought with very few bones, my mountain dig sites began producing bones.... over 100 in the past couple of weeks!
Although I love seeing the Smurfs riding dinos all over, I really don't need any more prehistoric critters on my island. No complaints, though. I'm just going to accumulate the bone bounty while it lasts:)