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See, that wasn't that bad after all, just like I thought. :) Only reason he is dressed up is because the convention requires cosplay (which is kinda weird) so even that doesn't stereotype bronies as fursuit people completely.

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I actually can't wait. I think it looks hilarious, and it never hurts to laugh at yourself. Even if they portray us wrongly or in a bad light, eh who cares? It's just a sitcom and very few are going to take it seriously.

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I personally like the term pegasister, since it just sounds cute in a way to me. But also, honestly, I wouldn't call myself either a pegasister or a brony in front of my friends. I'd just tell them I'm a fan of My Little Pony. To simplify, I like using "fan" around my non-pony people, but I'll use brony or pegasister around like-minded fans of the show. It's all a matter of preference, though; I know a lot of other girls don't like the term Pegasister (or even Brony) so it'd be best to call them a fan first and see what term they like best.

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Wow, the animation has really improved since the last one! The problem I had with the first two was the lack of different points of view and very little action (just walking and talking). Glad to see that part 3 had lots of new things for the animators to try out. Hoping for more episodes! And I really need to get around to actually watching Doctor Who, it must be good.

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Eh, Cupcakes used to scare me. I used to wonder after I read it, "Would Pinkie actually do that?", especially after Party of One! But then "Smile, Smile, Smile" happened, and my suspicions of her doing something like Cupcakes vanished. Now I just kind of look at Cupcakes as a thing of its own, and sometimes renditions of it like the HD animation can be pretty entertaining. For me, at least. Obviously it's not for everyone.

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Aww shoot, I was totally waiting to buy one on there. Oh well *sigh* :(

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Oh, I've always wanted to go to CalArts! It's been my dream to send in a portfolio and have it accepted by them and to be taught by some of the most educated people in the industry. :) This is a really sweet thing you're all doing, and I think I just might donate regardless of my chances of winning the poster. I'm not planning on applying for that school anytime soon (I don't think I'm near as ready as most other people are). Not only is it a challenge to be talented enough to be accepted but also the tuition fees - ouch! It's a lot of money. So this scholarship is definitely going to go to people that need it.

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I almost was convinced that yellow thing on the floor was robot Rainbow Dash from MAGIC.MOV. I still have my head scratching on that one.

Also, what's with the big Derpy figure in one of the glass containers? Looks really cute!

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I'd go see a cute animal movie with Fluttershy, and then maybe we would take a trip to the zoo.

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Wow, this is very helpful! I have Illustrator in my graphic design/animation class so when I have the free time I'll remember to use this.

Also I haven't seen any Flash tutorials for ponies yet... Strange considering that's what they mainly use in the studio. Having Flash at home myself, I would love to see someone tackle a MLP Flash tutorial. I'm trying to figure out how to pull the style off on that program, but it certainly is confusing.