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So why go to the trouble of engineering a better open prong design when birdcage designs work well?

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This is a double edged sword, making it easier to release the magazine also makes it easier to accidentally drop your magazine. Weapons Man has a post here that talks about the history of the "fence" around the AR magazine release which was added to prevent accidental magazine releases. Putting a big button on top of the fence recreates the problem that recessing magazine release solved.

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Thanks for this, I was disappointed to see years of comments and points flushed down the memory hole.

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In the US the MG version seems to be most common. Somebody at my nursery school had one in BRG, which matched my Matchbox model. I also have a friend out here who had one in high school in California.

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The first thing that leaps out is replacing the battery on modern BMW cars which requires a trip to the dealer computer to "authorize" the new battery before everything works right.

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While I'm fond of the BMW Motorsport livery (white with multicolor stripes) I'm going to put up the IOM TT winning Norton F1, because JPS.

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I'm surprised they didn't include the Liberator from Blake's 7 since that show was still in first run on British TV and Waddingtons was British..

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On a serious note, the two guys on the right are looking at stereo pairs that wouldn't work in that projector, probably shot with a Stereo Realist camera. The other two are probably squinting at slides because the projector is jammed.

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I was thinking duck press, but then I've seen "Some one is killing the great chefs of Europe" twice.

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I'm going to guess that we are looking at the burner and reflector of an acetylene (carbide) lamp as used on an antique car or motorcycle. The shape and glass lens are wrong for a carbide miner's lamp and it looks too big for a bicycle.
Regarding last week's Q³, I'll confess that I've never seen one of those enlargers since my experience is limited to Omega and Beseler kit from the 70s.