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Sounds like Discord.

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Somepony kick me, please. I haven't been eating much lately, I barely remember to drink, and I have nothing resembling a normal sleep schedule. I'm really starting to feel the effects of that last one, too :/ Oh, hey, and when I do remember to eat, it's 95% percent sugary carbs, and then I drink sugary stuff to go with it!... Beat me up, please. I had a sugar problem that as a kid that I managed to get away from by eating better, but it's going to come roaring back at this rate. Am I an idiot or what? Ugh...

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...I haven't heard this song :/ Just on what I know from previous episodes, though, I wouldn't vote for Celestia. I'm sorry, but I think THE only FiM song I don't like is hers. It just... After the rest of MMC, her song bored the heck outta me, and - mind you, this was the first episode I ever watched - she was instantly my least favorite part of the episode.

Getting into the characters themselves for a minute, music aside, immediately after that, I watched Luna Eclipsed. Celestia had already failed me in the likable character department, but Luna passed the test with flying colors. I instantly loved her - but I'd never vote her on a poll "because Luna"; she gets my vote if she wins.

Cadance probably performed her part of the song very well; This Day Aria is one of my favorite MLP songs, or would be if I ranked them. A lot of people here, I've noticed, have some kind of beef with our dear Heartbutt, saying nopony should like her because she's an un-fleshed-out character and what we've seen of her is boring. Personally, I like Cadance, though she's nowhere near Luna or Applejack - again, my top two if I ranked them.

Twilight is Twilight. I can't say her songs have ever 'impressed' me, although I'm guaranteed to sing along with all but the Failure/Success songs. I lied; Celestia's Ballad and that/those one/two are the only songs I dislike from this series.

Anyways, maybe one day I'll get to see the episodes that came after TT123 and give an opinion. This whole big comment was kind of pointless.

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I got nasty looks from people who couldn't wrap their heads around a *then* 19 year-old sporting rainbow finger/toenails to match her pony bathing suit, but no one ever spoke up, except for this one little girl who asked me why I was still wearing ponies - I was obviously older than her, so I shouldn't like them anymore. I just grinned big at her and said, "Because they're 20% percent cooler!" She was still very bothered by my being a grown-up and liking ponies.

You have to understand, though, that in this little place in the middle of nowhere, 20 years ago, the old ladies told my mother that my dad was a devil worshipper. Their reasoning was based on the facts that he had long hair, wore black, and listened to Metallica. /_- This town is so... Just... ugh. The majority of the population irks me to no end.

Anywho, back to the bikini thing, it's just too bad there weren't any other pony fans around, because my younger cousin bought herself an orange bikini and dyed her hair purple, so we were Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo :3 Who cares what the snotty middle-schoolers thought when they turned their noses up? We knew we were awesome.

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Tee hee... I have one of those ^^

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Hey, no, Hakuna Matata! I said OR on all of those; I never expected you to do all of it! My birthday kinda depressed me, but I honestly felt better, even happy, thanks to all of you guys. You're all 20% cooler!

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Love that SSCS reference below the video ;D Now I want to hear it on the organ.

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Good night! We love you too, Sensei. We do. Glad to see you back here in the Roundups!

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Haha, yeah I guess not :P Riku's always good, and I like Axel ;) Sora and Demyx are less attractive than they are just cute, buuut I still like to look at 'em XD I like the... less sex-appeal-ish version of Zexion; I'm mildly embarrassed by that up there ^^;

...I just realized I ended all of those sentences with an emoticon. Good grief.

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These are awesome! Thank you so much!! :D