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While Layton ran a well focused campaign on all things for seniors, his party's performance in the House of Commons was sometimes all over the place. Either Layton will need to become more focused, or the NDP will need a new leader who may get the party on an organized track to forming the next government.

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I wonder if Harper's audience has been chroma-keyed onto a green background.

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[youtube ZHHw0u6AvYw&NR=1 youtube]

Cue to 3:24. I picture the alien being as Harper.

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Stephen Harper would have been better off chroma-keying his audience onto green boards placed behind him.

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Liberal career politicians, Current Riding, First elected federally (Min. ten years):

Larry Bagnell, Yukon (2000)
Mauril Bélanger, Ottawa-Vanier, ON (1995 By-Election)
Carolyn Bennett, St. Paul's, Ontario (1997)
Scott Brison, Kings-Hants, NS (1997)
Gerry Byrne, Humber-St. Barbe-Baie Verte, NL (1996 By-Election)
John Cannis, Scarborough Centre, ON (1993)
Denis Coderre, Bourassa Quebec (1997)
Irwin Cotler, Mount Royal, QC (1999 By-Election)
Roger Cuzner, Cape Breton-Canso, NS (2000)
Stéphane Dion, St. Laurent-Cartierville, QC (1996 By-Election)
Arnold Wayne Easter, Malpeque, PE (1993)
Mark Eyking, Sydney-Victoria, NS (2000)
Raymonde Folco, Laval-Les Iles, QC (1997)
Hedy Fry, Vancouver Centre, BC (1993)
Ralph Edward Goodale, Wascana, SK (1974--Note: not continuous)
Albina Guarnieri, Mississauga East-Cooksville, ON (1988)
Marlene Jennings, Notre Dame de Grace-Lachine, QC (1997)
Jim Karygiannis, Scarborough-Agincourt, ON (1988)
Dominic LeBlanc, Beauséjour, NB (2000)
Derek Vincent Lee, Scarborough Rouge River, ON (1988)
Lawrence A. MacAulay, Cardigan, PE (1988)
Gurbax Singh Malhi, Bramalea-Gore-Malton, ON (1993)
Keith Martin, Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, BC (1993)
John McCallum, Markham-Unionville, ON (2000)
John Norman McKay, Scarborough-Guildwood, ON (1997)
Dan McTeague, Pickering-Scarborough East, ON (1993)
Peter Andrew Stewart Milliken, Kingston and the Islands, ON (1988)
Maria Minna, Beaches-East York, ON (1993)
Shawn Murphy, Charlottetown, PE (2000)
Anita Neville, Winnipeg South Centre, MB (2000)
Bernard Patry, Pierrefonds-Dollard, QC (1993)
Marcel Proulx, Hull-Aylmer, QC (1999 By-Election)
Bob Rae, Toronto Centre, ON (1978 By-Election, not-continuous)
Geoff Regan, Halifax West, NS (1993)
Judy Sgro, York West, ON (1999 By-Election)
Paul John Mark Szabo, Mississauga South, ON (1993)
Alan Tonks, York South-Weston, ON (2000)
Giuseppe (Joseph) Volpe, Eglinton-Lawrence, ON (1988)
Byron Wilfert, Richmond Hill, ON (1997)

Note: Not all of these Liberal MPs are running for re-election.
Does not indicate provincial or municipal elected experience.

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For Canadians living in the Eastern, Atlantic, and Newfoundland time zones: play the game of Coyne. It's like some Lord-of-the-Rings/Dungeons-and-Dragons mish-mash. Become a Fascist, Visitor, Commie, Ewok, or Hermit. Report your progress. This game can be played on Twitter or Facebook.

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The Harper Con supporters dutifully behave like Chinese Communist comrades.

"Long live Mao Ste-phen!"

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Yesterday's Conservative attack ad: "A vote for the Liberals is a vote for a Liberal-Bloc coalition."

Today's Conservative attack ad: "A vote for the NDP is a vote for an NDP-Bloc coalition."

Tomorrow's Conservative attack ad: "A vote for the Christian Heritage Party is a vote for a CHP-Bloc coalition."


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Today's Conservative attack ad mentions a potential NDP-Bloc coalition.

Tomorrow's Conservative attack ad will likely mention a Christian Heritage Party-Bloc coalition.

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Harper is the constitution. He makes the rules. He is Canada's autocrat!